Weight Loss on Unloading Days

The history of losing weight about how I "unloaded" my body, using unloading days.
My weight loss began in the days of students, when due to improper diet I gained about fifteen extra kilograms.
One morning, I saw my reflection in the mirror and was angry at what had allowed me to run like this. And I began to act immediately.

In one of the magazines, such as "HLS", I read that it is useful for health of an organism to arrange unloading days. I decided that my "unloading" product would be kefir, and "unloading" the day will be Wednesday. The first time such a day was given to me very hard, my head was spinning, I wanted to eat, I felt lethargic and sleepy. In addition, I was still studying, and on Wednesdays it was extremely difficult for me to attend classes.

Then I decided to postpone the unloading day on Sunday, and this was the right decision, because on a day off you can drink kefir more often and the body feels less hungry.

In addition, I began to experiment with "unloading" products. I tried buckwheat, rice, low-fat cottage cheese, a salad "brush" (from carrots, apples and beets), boiled chicken meat, so-called, milk and even chocolate.

For myself, I concluded that drinking days are much heavier and the feeling of satiety quickly disappears, although in terms of weight reduction they are more effective.

Whereas, if we have to chew something, it's somehow even morally easier. In the end, my "favorites" were rice, buckwheat (naturally unsalted) and salad "brush", which I seasoned with only lemon juice. Although, to be honest, fasting days on chocolate are carried the easiest, but I think that this is not the most useful unloading day.

Within a month, the unloading days became something inalienable, and I noticed the transfiguration, first of all the cheeks diminished, the waist began to appear.

I want to note that this month I practically did not limit myself to nutrition, I just did not eat at night, but for a month the volume of the stomach decreased and my usual portions decreased significantly. In the body there was lightness, digestion improved (with which I had problems before) and overall well-being.

To strengthen weight loss, I began to do a small, primitive gymnastics for all the muscle groups, as well as massage with anti-cellulite cream. In the end, after 4 months, I dropped even more than I scored and what is most surprising is that more than 6 years have passed since then, and my weight has not changed much.

By the way, in my opinion, it is the unloading days, unlike the diet, that help to not gain weight again, as it happens after the end of the diet.

Again, the main difference from the diet is that you practically do not need to change your diet and somehow globally limit yourself to nutrition. Losing weight is due to a reduction in the volume of the stomach, so that the portion size is gradually reduced and much less food is needed to saturate.

My girlfriend, inspired by my miraculous transformation, also began to arrange unloading days, but now she liked the taste of protein days (boiled lean meat and fish) and she had already lost weight. Now I arrange the unloading days once every two weeks and as necessary, if we move on the eve.

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