How to lose weight in 3 months by 11 kg

Yesterday was 29 - everything is beautiful and wonderful, and today it turned 30, and it seems that all the "problems" have climbed out. My height is 165 cm, weight - 70 kg. I will not advertise any approved diets and physical exercises, I will simply describe my actions, as a result of which I lost 11 kg in 3 months.
There was a question: what to do? How to give your figure a smart, attractive look? The answer to the question began to search the Internet. Millions of options for solving the problem: and all sorts of diets, and "25 frames," and physical activities, and pills, etc. I tried both, but the effect is so small that it can not be seen. And I decided to create a personal weight loss system for myself.
How to lose weight for 3 months for 11 kg, food
Since all day you are at work, there is little opportunity and there is often, go to shaping and aerobics. I made my own diet for a day and a week:
In the morning, before going to work, I drink 4-5 tablets of coal, at work a cup of coffee without sugar, until 12 noon I eat 1-2 apples, skimmed yogurt or yogurt, for dinner - a bowl of soup, salad, boiled meat (beef, turkey , Chicken, rabbit).
In the evening, lettuce is vegetable or fruit and at night a glass of kefir. To the food did not seem monotonous, vegetable and fruit salads try to make "colored": either everything is red (tomato, red pepper), or green (cucumber, celery).
Bread I use in small quantities of durum wheat. She refused the flour products completely, but on very big holidays I relax a little (I can allow the smallest piece of the cake). You need to distribute your diet so that there are no such moments when you are so hungry that you can buy up the whole store. If you feel the growing feeling of hunger, it is better to have a bite with an apple, yogurt.
Once a week, I arrange a day of unloading - 2-3 kg of apples and up to 2 liters of water. I concluded that it's better to arrange a fasting day with someone, for example, with a friend, that there was an incentive "not to eat", it suffers, so I can.
At first, after 6-7 pm, as luck would have it, I was so hungry that I thought of quitting and eating a hot dog. But that there was no temptation, I on the refrigerator attached my most ugly and thick photograph. And it stops.
Instead of chewing something, my daughter and I (3 years) spread out the covers and took half an hour to go in for sports. Every evening I turn on the music channel and for 30 (necessarily) mines I perform physical exercises or "on the dancers" with music performers. It does not bother you much, but helps to relax.
Before going to bed, after a shower, especially problem areas of the body massage hands with the use of anti-cellulite creams.
I for myself concluded that to lose weight you do not need to use any specific diet, a set of exercises, but you just need to love yourself and this will be an incentive to bring your appearance to ideal forms.
How you will treat yourself, the same opinion about you will be among the people around you.

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