10 Life hacks for those who want to lose weight

Do not overeat

Do you understand that you ate enough, but you can not stop? Very simple lifhak, which will help avoid food embarrassment. Brush your teeth, chew the chewing gum, or rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. Your receptors will instantly switch to mint flavor, and you will forget about the additive.

Do not eat after six

This rule only works if you go to bed at 9pm. The last meal can be done with a calm conscience 3-4 hours before bedtime. Optimal can be considered something easy. Pork shank in general can fit into your daily calorie, but in the stomach it will not last until morning.


There are interesting statistics. Most people with excess weight do not take snacks into account. That is, they slapped buckwheat with the breast - this is food, we will remember it. But three oatmeal cookies, makfluri and cheburek were erased from memory. Although the last in calorie content can exceed the full meal. All snacks need to be fixed in the head or in the app. As a rule, they are very caloric and on their share can account for up to half of the allowable daily calories. Hence we logically go on to the next point.

Count calories

Tedious, but important. There are a huge number of useful and free applications that will make it easier for you to count calories. Personally, I like fat secret. You can install on your smartphone and calculate which calorie is right for you, depending on age, mobility and excess weight. This is very useful for beginners, first, it disciplines, secondly, just a few weeks of calculations, and you will already be guided and approximately understand how many calories there are in that juicy melon. There you, by the way, and KBJU approximate at the time will be calculated. Exemplary! Focus exclusively on your own experience, if the process does not move, subtract 10 percent from the proposed daily calorie rate.


I changed my attitude to this point somewhat. Previously, everything was "tru-kachicha-style", if you want, you do not want to eat, bitch, bitch! Pull yourself into this mess, weakling! If you do not get drunk before going to bed, then in the morning you will be full of hunger. This is partly true, but really not everyone can cram into themselves a plate of something, a maximum, coffee, then run to work, and appetite will not wake up until an hour later. This time is the most dangerous, because to find the balanced edible from the morning in the office is problematic, before dinner is far away, that's the people and crackers cookies. Wear something with yourself, get out. The first meal should be charged with energy, saturated. Here it is still important, the porridge does not feed all, not carbohydrates, I personally necessarily eat something protein for breakfast. Often gain the same protein shakes. I always have a few cans with different tastes, by brands at the moment right now it's the Ultimate Nutrition, Sportsline, Syntax Nectar.

Only that diet that you can adhere to all your life is good

I categorically oppose any hunger strike, they spoil health, worsen the quality of the body. The only way to find a beautiful figure and perfect well-being is to eat balanced. In your diet should be proteins (fish, lean meat, cottage cheese, eggs, seafood, legumes, nuts), slow carbohydrates (buckwheat, rice, macaroni from solid wheat varieties), fiber (vegetables and fruits), healthy fats. On average, the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates looks like this: 30-10-60


Useful, but most of them are caloric. Bananas, pears, grapes are quite caloric, like all dry fruits, without exception. This whole thing is quite useful, we should not completely exclude them, but we must understand that a kilogram of grapes is not an easy snack, but it is normal to devour a lot of calories.


The organism needs energy. If we do not get it during sleep, we do not sleep much, it will take its own way. When the regime flies to hell, the stress here, like here, pulls on all sorts of jams, carbohydrates and other things that are not the most useful for an elastic stomach. Get enough sleep, do everything to ensure that the quality of sleep is as high as possible.


Each has its own norm, someone has a liter, someone has all three. But water is one more cool lifhak from overeating. Very often we confuse hunger with thirst. We can shoot a whole pizza, but we just wanted to have a drink.

Provide yourself with food in advance

When you, tired, hungry and wicked, go home, balancing on the frozen puddles, jumping over a mountain saigas slush and dirt, in the head with a jackhammer only one word "food" sounds. And now you realize with horror that there are not any crumbs at home. Preshsya in the store to buy buckwheat and chicken meat, vegetables and cottage cheese. In my head all good intentions, and mean rolls and strive to climb into your mouth, stupefying the smell of vanilla and cinnamon. If you clearly understand that there are at home than to feed yourself, the breakdowns for flour and fast food are automatically minimized. In general, all these "myself do not know how this bagel got to my mouth" is very likely when there is nothing more to get into your mouth, you have to cook buckwheat, you need to defrost the chicken, and for a long time, well, I'll sit on the diet on Monday next leap year. Prepare in advance, planning an approximate diet for the near future.

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