Several ways of self-control

1. Tell all close people (husband, children, parents, loved one, best friend) that you have decided to lose weight forever. This will cut off the path to retreat and provide a warm support to those whose opinions you care about.

My advice is that the list of proxies should be limited. Then you do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of hearing from colleagues at work, or, by chance met a friend, the most expensive compliment for you: "How did you manage to lose weight so much ?!".

2. Keep a diary and a schedule of losing weight. So it will be easier to control the process and visually see where you missed. And when the curve of your weight will steadily go down, you absolutely do not want to see its growth, after a violently held party.

3. Do not reproach yourself for misses. Just in the morning, start all over again, you know that the goal will definitely be achieved and no one and nothing can stop you. You made this decision yourself, have done so much already, do not you regret your work?

4. Your meal should look like you are dining in the very best restaurant. Spread a beautiful napkin, decorate the table with flowers, serve it with bright, expensive utensils. Drink even simple water from thin wine glasses. Let the reception of food cheers you up!

5. Do not live in the kitchen! After eating, try to go into the room. You can go for a walk, most importantly - away from the refrigerator, stove and kitchen table. Ask relatives to wash the dishes, explaining to them that for you the kitchen is an undesirable place of stay. And go to bed early, so you can avoid the temptation to "crack" anything else.

6. Reward yourself! Set intermediate goals, and, having achieved them, buy yourself new cosmetics, a cassette with your favorite film or something else that you have long dreamed of. By results - and a reward. We dropped 5 kg. - go to the theater or to a concert; Dropped 10 kg - ...

7. Be sure to introduce yourself, what you will become, when you lose weight. (This is not my idea, it's taken from the book "50 Ways to Lose Weight." I used it with success). You wear a small size of clothes, you can afford tight-fitting, sexy silhouettes. Men again pay attention to you, and friends envy you.

8. Hang in a prominent place the number of kg., To which you aspire, write on this sheet, how much you left before the goal is achieved. You will be pleased to see how this number is getting smaller and smaller.

9. Surely there were goals in your life that you have successfully achieved. You wanted to get an education or a favorite profession and got it; Wanted your loved one to be with you - there he snores in bed while you are sitting in the internet; Wanted to have a baby - you have the most beautiful and intelligent daughter or son ... If you could achieve success in something else, then who said that you can not cope with weight loss? Easily!

10. If you are still overtaken by depression. If the hands fall and it seems that there is no more strength. If you do not believe in success and consider yourself to be weak-willed and the goal is still very far away ...

11. Communicate with like-minded people in thematic forums, support is very important for us!

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