Walking for Weight Loss

If you have a desire to lose weight with the help of a sporty walk, be sure to buy yourself comfortable and soft shoes. When buying, you must consider that you will walk every day.

If you do not have time to walk daily, then five days a week you must dedicate this matter.

To go it is necessary a minimum of half an hour. Every day add to yourself the time of classes. Ideally, your walking should last about an hour. If you do not have that much time to go,

To put up with the fact that losing weight goes not so fast and efficiently as it could be.

You have to go fast. Steps make frequent and short. While walking, you must make the movement of the hands back and forth. If you were able to walk 1 kilometer for fifteen minutes - you burned

Minimum 50 kcal. To achieve the best result, you must follow the correct technique. The head should be kept straight, lowered shoulders and straightened back.

The main condition that will contribute to effective weight loss is proper breathing. Breathing is necessary rhythmically, through the nose. With clean air and a fast pace - you can

Breathe alternately with your nose and your mouth. If the street frost or dirty air - breathe in your nose, and exhale with your mouth every three to four steps.

Be sure to watch your heart rate. With severe shortness of breath, moderate the tempo. With the help of sports walking you can get rid of excess calories faster than when jogging.

To determine the maximum value of the heart rate, use a special formula. From the number 220 it is necessary to take away your age and the figure 50. For example: 220-30-50 = 140. Of

Formula shows that if you are 30 years old, your body will benefit from a pulse of 140 beats per minute.

Walking also has such variations:

Walking backwards forward. The back should be kept straight, hands on the waist. The stomach must be retracted;
Walking with the tension of the muscles of the buttocks. This walking will help your buttocks to become tighter and more elastic. When you walk, you have to push off from the surface and strain the buttocks;
Walking up. You have to walk on the stairs. Such walking will strengthen the muscles of the hips and calf muscles.
It is useful in turn to perform all kinds of athletic walking.

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