Qigong for weight loss

Qigong is an ancient Chinese system, thanks to which the mind and body of a person are refreshed and perfected. The word "qigong" means the ability to control breathing and internal energy.

The most important task of the qigong system is that a person tries not to lose weight, but to improve the quality of his life. This is achieved through adherence to a special diet and breathing exercises. It is these two components of the diet that help a person to control the internal energy of "chi".

Performing breathing exercises, you can forget for ever your chronic illnesses, strengthen your health, become more flexible, become more energetic and learn to live in harmony with the world around you.

How to eat according to the Qigong system?
The correctness of nutrition in the Qigong system is that it is necessary to learn how to harmoniously combine the five tastes, such as: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent. In addition, learn to listen to your body and begin to understand what he needs.

It is recommended to replace the meat with soy, and you should have dinner no later than four hours before going to bed. The food does not have strict limitations. After a while your appetite will gradually begin to decrease.

According to special studies, the scientists came to the conclusion that qigong gymnastics is useful for people of middle age, and even for the elderly. Thanks to respiratory gymnastics, a person restores the activity of the sympathetic nervous system. This is what affects the loss of extra pounds.

The main exercises of qigong:
1) Frog. This exercise will help you reduce your appetite.

It is necessary to sit on a chair and feet to put on the width of the shoulders. Stop the feet firmly to the floor. Make sure that the angle between the shin and thigh is ninety degrees. The left hand is clenched into the fist and grabs it with your right hand. The elbows are lowered on the knees, the body is tilted forward, the head is lowered with the forehead on the hands and closes the eyes.
Exercise the Qigong frog
Then you should inhale and slowly exhale through the mouth. The muscles of the abdomen must be relaxed. We inhale through the nose and strain the stomach. It should become like a ball. A little hold our breath and continue breathing the way it was written above.

This exercise should be done no more than fifteen minutes three times a day. After completing the exercise, sit for a while, closing your eyes.

2) The Wave. Exercise is only done when you are very hungry.
Exercise of Qigong wave
You need to lie on your back and bend your knees at a right angle. Stop pressing to the floor. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. After inhaling, draw in your stomach. Exhaling, you should draw in your chest and "inflate" your stomach. Exercise should be done forty times. We finish it exactly the same as the previous one.

3) The lotus. This exercise will help you regain strength and improve metabolism.

He is sitting. Cross your legs, put your hands so that your hands look up, and your wrists rest on your hips. Straighten your back, close your eyes. For five minutes you need to alternate deep and even breaths with exhalations. Then focus your attention on the soundless and deep exhalation.
Qigong Lotus Exercise
Continue in this rhythm to breathe five minutes. And after breathing in the usual way, as it is convenient for you. You can feel as if you are sinking into a dream. Continue to perform the exercise need another ten minutes. We finish the exercise "Lotus" in the same way as the two exercises described above.

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