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Wednesday, 03 August 2011 12:08

Sergey Gaydash, the head of the Center for Space Weather forecasting of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation of Russian Academy of Sciences, reported about solar flare, that occurred in the Sun on Tuesday, and will cause a geomagnetic storm on Earth on August 5, 2011. Solar wind is now moving toward Earth and a magnetic storm is expected on Earth on August 5 2011 at 0300 UT.

Since the solar flare was a M1-class, the expected average intensity of the geomagnetic storm, because, as we know, solar flares, depending on the thickness of their X-ray radiation is divided into five major classes: A, B, C, M and X. Minimum class A0 corresponds to the lowest output power, the most power are solar flares of class X, a flare of class C and M correspond to the average output power.

Geomagnetic storms arise from the fact, that the Earth's magnetic field captures the charged solar wind particles (protons and electrons), that are closer to the Earth, moving along the lines of the magnetic field of the earth and form the so-called radiation belt. The flow of charged particles from the Sun is moving constantly, but especially the increase in solar flares. In periods of so-called solar maximum, the Sun flares occur, which have resulted in the surrounding space is thrown a huge amount of charged particles, some of which moves at a speed of 400-1000 km / sec. Such a strong flow of charged particles perturbs the Earth's magnetic field, because of this rapidly changing characteristics of the Earth's magnetic field, which leads to a magnetic storm.

Geomagnetic storms in Earth's magnetosphere have different effects on living organisms, as well as on production infrastructure. Even with the research of Richard Carrington in 1859, it was observed, that the sources of geomagnetic storms on Earth are solar flares, and 30 years ago, after the discovery of a strong solar disturbances, called coronal mass ejections, it was found that the immediate cause of geomagnetic storms on Earth are disturbed solar wind streams in the Earth's magnetosphere, which lead to the need to generate the geomagnetic storm orientation of the magnetic field of the Earth. The sources of these streams of charged particles, in turn, are emissions from coronal mass solar and coronal holes on the Sun. Also, besides the magnetic storms on Earth, associated with high solar activity, leading to coronal mass ejections, are often observed moderate magnetic storms on Earth, which also occur during periods when the Sun is in a recession of its activity. Such magnetic storms were mainly recorded in the periods of minimum solar activity cycle and found their periodic repetition every 27 days, a period associated with the solar rotation period of 27 days.

Geomagnetic storms can affect many areas of human activity, is particularly affected radio, navigation of spacecraft, therefore, monitoring of magnetic storms and forecast their occurrence is of great importance at the present time. Since the solar wind is the motion of charged particles, the interaction of the flow of charged particles from Earth's magnetosphere cause major disturbances of the geomagnetic field, which in turn affects the technological infrastructure on Earth. On our website we have previously reported, that large solar flares have previously led to problems with power supply of individual cities and entire regions and describe individual instances of such negative effects of magnetic storms on the Earth's technology infrastructure. Also, we have already described the fact of negotiations U.S. President with the Prime Minister of Great Britain, and the parties agreed on a joint controlled shutdown of entire cities and even entire regions of their countries, in the event of a major magnetic storms, caused by solar flares of unusual intensity.

It was observed, that magnetic storms are often accompanied by headaches, palpitations, malaise, insomnia, pressure drops. It is assumed that such a negative effect of magnetic storms caused by the fact that during the magnetic storm of the small blood clots oxygen exchange deteriorates as a result of the human nervous system reacts to this first lack of oxygen. In this young and healthy human body more easily adaptable and more easily tolerate the magnetic storms, but for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and the elderly, it is desirable during magnetic storms to reduce alcohol consumption, reduced physical activity, eat less fatty and sugary foods and keep at hand the necessary medicines.




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