New record for quantum teleportation via fiber - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 25 September 2015 11:35

Researchers from the US and Japanese universities have carried out quantum teleportation over fiber by more than 100 kilometers. This is four times the previous distance record of this process. Details are set out in an article Optica. The experiment was carried out quantum teleportation through optical fiber 102 kilometers. Scientists note that the quadruple increase the previous record was possible thanks to the use of single-photon detector using a superconducting wire molybdenum silicide. The structure was cooled to -272 degrees Celsius, is just one degree above absolute zero, which provides the appearance of superconductivity and high sensitivity. In the experiment, there is no direct transfer of photons, but their condition is transmitted instantaneously. In their experiments, the researchers smashed two entangled photons over a distance of 102 kilometers of optical fiber. Next, change the physics of the first quantum state of the photon affected him to third. As a result, the state of the second particle has changed. Thus, scientists have observed the manifestation of quantum non-locality although the photons are separated by a great distance, the change of state of one of them said to the other. The previous distance record for quantum teleportation over fiber is 25 kilometers away. The absolute distance record for quantum teleportation belongs to an experiment in which photons are connected through an open space - 144 kilometers. It is not always convenient to have two points within sight and an optical fiber can be connected arbitrarily located site. Theoretically, quantum teleportation can be used to establish a completely secure connection. Also, instant transfer of information is an interesting physical problem - violates the principle of locality, on which the state of the object can be influenced only by his inner circle. This is a "contradiction" is associated with the paradox of Einstein - Podolsky - Rosen and is one of the major conceptual difficulties of quantum mechanics (at least, in its Copenhagen interpretation).