Atlantis found in Africa in Mauritania on the edge of the Sahara Desert - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 September 2015 15:12
Mysterious ring structure that is visible from space on the edge of the Sahara desert, possibly indicating the location of the legendary country. Cosmonauts and astronauts confirm that orbit really can see the giant ring, located in Africa, in Mauritania on the edge of the Sahara Desert. Sometimes even relied on them. The diameter of the ring structure 50 kilometers. Guell call it al-Richat. Or Eye of the Sahara. But when and how did this is the "eye" is not known. At least at NASA, whose satellites photographed it many times, they recognize that they can not explain the nature of the object. The explanation is available for atlantologists - researchers who are looking for Atlantis. Some believe that al-Guell Richat this is it. As both the size and on the "architecture" very closely matches the descriptions of Plato, tell about Atlantis. He's mentioned the town in the form of concentric rings - the three filled with water, and two land? Well, look: here's what's left of them after almost 10 thoUSAnd years that have passed since the destruction of Atlantis. Rings still look man-made. By the way, in the center of the island is also a suitable size - less than a kilometer. Plato talked about quite a vast continent and not very high mountains surrounding the city-island. And they are - Africa itself and cliffs are located at some distance from the ring structure. Atlantis is known to have drowned as a result of the disaster. Therefore atlantologists sought and seek it somewhere on the bottom. That is logical. But suddenly the legendary country drowning once and then surfaced? And it was on the land? According to researchers from France, Orlando Santos, this is what happened with the structure Guell-Riyadh Richat, that is, the central city of Atlantis. village, lowered after the earthquake swallowed the Atlantic Ocean. Then she rose due to active tectonic processes occurring in North Africa. Geologists claim that they - these processes - several times changed the face of the continent and its natural environment. African Atlantis could wash and tSunami that occurred after the fall of the asteroid, and at the same time caused the Biblical Flood. Both disaster, according to the available descriptions, occurred about the same time. The idea to look for Atlantis in Africa are not so crazy as it may seem at first glance. She has a historical background. Namely, the data that North Africa once there is some highly developed civilization. They cited many serious historians. For example, Boris Bogaevsky, who claims that the traces of the Atlantean culture are at Taureg. He was echoed by a German researcher Borchardt, which, however, puts the Atlantis in the region of Tunisia. French Burleigh claimed that Atlantis occupied space from Tunisia to Morocco and the Sahara separated from the shallow sea. And these "revelations" - tens. They are published in scientific journals. So why the structure of the Guell, Air Richat not serve as material evidence of historical theory? Richat the left, to the right the central city of Atlantis, reconstructed from the descriptions. Amazing coincidence. Geologists believe that the "Eye of the Sahara" all natural object, which was formed when the people in the world has ever had. Namely, about 500 million years ago. Although, as it happened, really, is not clear. It was once believed that the rings are the result of the asteroid. But this hypothesis was abandoned because it could not find a trace of impact. Not very plausible hypothesis about the volcanic origin of the ring structure - there is no volcanic rocks. Some researchers, however, believe that the mud volcano erupted, which, in theory, could create a ring. But confused giant size of the object. In recent years become popular hypothesis of erosion, which exposed the sediments. But why are they - these rocks - the siege ring? Riddle. Who knows, maybe hypothesis of Atlantis eventually will be the most appropriate? Or ring - this is the work of alien civilizations that existed before us? This is also not excluded.