Portable laser shoots down a drones - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 September 2015 15:54
The company's engineers have created a portable laser system which is able to burn a hole in bespilotnike on the fly. Judging by the video, which was posted on the official channel of YouTube, the system to give the title Compact Laser weapons System, has successfully passed field tests. The gun is mounted on a normal tripod on the ground or on a moving vehicle such as a military SUV. The operator needs to control a laptop computer with specialized software and game pad from the console Xbox 360. The kit allows the system to shoot down an enemy drone or quadrocopter just 15 seconds. Moreover, most of vremneni takes guidance. The Boeing do not call the radius of destruction, but specify that it would get the drones, which can be seen through binoculars. Cannon, in fact, set fire to the tail of the drone, leading to the fact that he is losing control and crashing on the ground. This laser unit is a smaller version of the other development Boeing called High energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator, which is attached to the large military trucks and used to control mortars. Unlike its ancestor portable design represents four rather impressive, but transportable box which, according to one of the developers of Isaac Nile, a few minutes turned into a laser weapon. "The first prototype of this system weighed 40% more. The current version is easier to transport, and the system itself is able to run faster. And if you try to keep track of the laser, it can not find which side he is attacking, and where its source" - says Isaac Neal Engineer Boeing Company Designed laser rather for military and counterintelligence purposes. "Boeing" expects that the installation in the coming years will be widely distributed and organically complement the missile defense system. But it may find application in other areas. During the last month of summer frequent news that the drones are used for criminal purposes. Just last week, American publications have reported that police arrested two men who were trying to deliver to the prison in the state of Maryland, drugs, tobacco, and is porn. For this purpose, they used quadrocopter $ 1000. Similar incidents reported in two other states. Russia in this area - is no exception. In late July, officers penal colony in Magadan seen flying toward the dormitories for convicts quadrocopter, which - as it turned out, had been strapped with tape two mobile phones with sim kartami.Tak it is quite possible that portable laser guns will vosstrebovan not only military . There are, however, some difficulties may be faced laser technology: they lose their effectiveness in poor visibility conditions - such as fog or dust, and their battery lasts only for a few accurate shots. Laser gun from "Boeing" with a capacity of 2 kW required power generator near or special batteries. Interestingly, on the same kind of work and the Chinese instrument. Last November, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, in collaboration with several corporations unveiled a prototype of its laser system. In preliminary tests the gun power of 10 kilowatts was hit all 30 targets and drones did not miss once. According to the developers, the gun can engage targets flying at a speed of up to 180 kilometers per hour at an altitude of 50 meters and at a distance of two kilometers from the gun. Position the target and its capture in sight using opto-electronic sensors take about 5 seconds. Dimensions of weapons allow you to place it on a truck or large SUV army. It is important that the Chinese are inspired by exactly the same unit as their American counterparts - the installation of High energy Laser company Boeing, which is designed to deal with artillery, rockets and mortars. It seems that our society fits into the new technological age where fighting drones will soon become one of the priorities of law enforcement agencies. At that time, as the drones are becoming more widely used in the science, business and journalism, analysts law enforcement agencies of all countries realize that once cartels have long been interested drones for the rendition of drugs across the border, then, theoretically, there is a danger that the drones can be used and terrorists.