Dogs evolved from cats - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 August 2015 16:33
Man's Best Friend dog once had a cat. Or is there, close to the feline. This conclusion reached by researchers who have studied the fossils of early ancestors of dogs that lived 40 million years ago. Experts are convinced that dogs have become such as we know them today, thanks to climate change. The ancestors of dogs that lived in North America 40 million years ago were similar to mongoose and possessed the habits of cats - they staged an ambush their victims. However, a few million years after the dense forests that once covered the continent, they began to give way to the fields, which is why the climate became colder and drier. This has led to changes in the appearance and behavior of the hunting dogs, turning them into animals who are no longer guarded production and persistently searched for her. This evolutionary transition was tracked by scientists who studied the joints and teeth 32 kinds of dogs that lived in North America during the period between 40 and 2 million years ago. So, elbows cats allow their front feet turn to capture and control of production. Previously, such a structure, and the dogs have elbows, but then their joints were modified to adapt to long run. Teeth dogs have also become stronger, allowing production to chew when it rolls around on the sand savannas, not wet grass cover of the forest. Findings show that the development of the dog was not just a result of the "arms race" with the herbivores, which, for example, lengthens the leg, but was the result of climate change, writes The Daily Mail. Scientists believe that if the Predators last changed 40 million years, the process may continue in the future - due to global warming. Experts are going to calculate what animals may be in the future.