Robot is not only builds other robots, but also mimics the process of natural selection - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 18 August 2015 11:41
Scientists from Cambridge University have created a robot that not only can design other robots, but also mimics the process of natural selection to improve the possibilities for the "children" with each new generation. The process begins with a robotic arm and a set of five plastic cubes with motors inside. Each cube has a unique "gene," consisting of a combination of one to five "genes." Thus, each cube has its own set of attributes associated with its form, as well as engineering and motor commands. robotics again inspired by nature, but this time did not give his creatures traits of animals, and relied on the fact that species evolve as genes are deleted, added and combined, which allows living beings to adapt to different environments. The robotic arm, which received the title from the creators of "robot-mother", showed its own version of evolution. robot mother created a "child", the ability to move without any human intervention, and computer modeling. The system was tested in five separate experiments whereby it was designed, built and then tested generation consisting of ten "children." During the test checks how far it can move each "child" for the same time period. Best making the transition to the next generation without change, whereas the slowest in the group "robot mother" create new "genome" by various combinations and "mutation". This method proved to be quite successful. The researchers reported that the information received from each of the tests that determine the evolution of the next generation. This latest generation of robots were almost two times faster than the ones that took the lead in the beginning of the experiment. "robot-mother" raise their productivity due to improvements in design and invent new forms of "walk", with some designs even caught the imagination of the developers. The aim of this project was the disclosure of previously unknown ways in which the features of the life of the natural world can be used in robotics. Perhaps in the not too distant future robots will begin to create their own devices and machines. "In fact, engaged robomat natural selection - says the study's lead author Fumiya Iida (Fumiya Iida), Fellow of the Faculty of Engineering. - Watching her activities, we can see the improvement and diversification of species. We sincerely hope that our invention can be used in various fields, such as agriculture and manufacturing. Thus, the robots will be able to create their own new cars and look at them defects, and agriculture will test different ways of harvesting crops, to identify the best. "