Lexus tested a flying skateboard (hoverboard) - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 15 August 2015 16:47
Lexus Division of Toyota company tested a flying skateboard (hoverboard), which plans to launch in the future to mass production. Floating on air boards from the movie "Back to the Future" is gradually becoming a reality. The device description is given in a press release Toyota. In tests "Air Skateboard" attends the famous American skateboarder Ross MakGUran. In published below sealed frames, like a man trying to cope with hoverboards. It turns out he is a tangible hard - MakGUran often loses his balance and falls, but in the final clip athlete has mastered the device writes on the blackboard fantastic intricate pretzel. Work on the project began Lexus Hoverboard six months ago. In the development of the flying skateboard representatives of the Dresden Institute for Research in the field of solids and materials science. Hoverboard overcomes gravity using liquid nitrogen cooling of superconductors as well as a special magnetic coating in skate park. Board itself is made of bamboo. An exciting video featuring Ross MakGUran filmed three days in specially designed for this occasion the Spanish skate park Cubelles town near Barcelona. When flying skateboard goes on sale and how much it will cost, however, it is not reported. Hoverboard used the characters of the movie "Back to the Future - 2" in 1989. One of the main characters, Marty McFly, saved it from the baddies. "Flying board" and appeared in the next part of the film was released in theaters in 1990. She is also involved in the computer game of the same name in 2011. Prior to that, a number of attempts to create such a device: for example, a Canadian engineer even managed to put the record on its "flying board." However, he had his camera over the lake, and on the use of such a hoverboard in everyday life, apparently, speech does not go yet. Earlier it was reported also that the creators are planning hoverboard using this technology to learn to fly a building.