Ultralight robot is able to jump in the water - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 14 August 2015 16:49
Scientists at Seoul National University, presented a miniature robot that can not only walk on water, but also to jump on it like a water strider - family of insects living on the water surface. Created by Korean engineers sample twice the usual skaters and weighs 68 milligrams. Its body is located 1 cm above the water, and leg length of 5 centimeters. This robotic pond skater can jump up to a height of about 14 centimeters. robot supplied four legs. Perform jump machine helps spring device that copies the structure of the legs fleas. It is configured so that the raising and lowering a flexible, curved at the ends of legs of the robot at a rate lower than that which would cause rupture the surface film. In addition, a very powerful legs covered hydrophobe. When designing a robot designers used the data obtained during the observation of the water strider. Among the features marked them - how before jumping insects legs to pull himself to extend the time during which they come into contact with water. This allows the skaters to make a push sufficient strength to break away from the surface. The researchers found during the tests that during the test the robot jumps for a short time experienced an overload of about 13,8 g (unit of gravitational acceleration). For comparison, the passengers in the aircraft taking off experiencing an overload of about 1,5 g, and the astronauts at the start of the ship - on the average, 3-5 g. The scientists noted that the robot can be used for monitoring water pollution. The first bouncing on the water robot was built by Chinese engineers in 2012. He was a thoUSAnd times heavier than the new model. Although it was also compared with the skaters on the principle of work, he is similar to the common basilisk.