Most of the giant planet existed before in the solar system - VIDEO PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 13 August 2015 13:58
The existence of the now-vanished planets indicates more "circumstantial evidence". It is such a large body could cause Neptune to migrate from the Sun to 4 billion years ago; is it could lead to a mysterious group of icy bodies in the Kuiper Belt, which lies the orbit of Pluto. This group consists of about a thoUSAnd icy objects moving pretty tight group - for the Kuiper Belt is a rarity. At first, astronomers speculated that they were fragments of larger bodies, broken accidental collision. However, this idea could not be explained either by the closeness of their connection, no orbit whose plane is approximately equal to the orbital plane of the planets of the solar system. But this may explain the hypothesis put forward by the American astronomer David Nesvorny (David Nesvorny), - «theory jumping Neptune." Simulated the movement of the group of icy bodies, the scientist "rewind" what is happening in the computer model to 4 billion years ago, and found that all of these objects might get a boost from the gravitational field of Neptune as it has migrated from its original orbit is much closer to the Jupiter and Saturn. But what made the move itself Neptune - the planet is not the smallest? According to scientists, there can operate another planet, not less large. Neither Uranus or Saturn or Jupiter suspect this does not work - it is probably already lost, or simply ran out of the solar system. Back in 2011, David Nesvorny shown that orbital characteristics of modern solar system bodies - including numerous anomalies - perfectly explained by the existence in its early history the fifth giant planet later thrown out of their "homeland". But then it was only theoretical work, and now the hypothesis Nesvorny obtain evidence - albeit indirectly - in the observations. "The Kuiper Belt - the key - he says. - You see there is structure, and you try to understand what events could lead to their appearance. "