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Saturday, 20 June 2015 12:00

You probably know this attraction: "sagged 2 minutes and 1,000 rubles." It can be seen in parks and on the beaches of the country. Only 2 minutes. But you can not even imagine how hard it is.

First, you need this same horizontal bar. It is worth it is expensive to produce and it is not easy. But it can easily be replaced by two handles, krutilki with a radius of 40 mm. People hanging on them divided into 2 halves, someone believes that individual pens - it's easier than a spinning horizontal bar, somebody thinks exactly the opposite. My opinion - the difference is minimal in our training does not play value. The only thing that might be different - this range, no one obliged attractions make it the same. One thing I can say with precision, I have never seen thicker 40 mm. Sometimes it thinner, but then time hovering say more.

I was told the story of a ride at the Exhibition Centre. Unfortunately entrepreneurs there passed the championship of Russia in climbing. Interestingly, not all members of the Russian national team (and this master of sport) can be hung for cherished 2 minutes, but the majority can. So, our heroes went in full force after the competition and emptied his pockets attraktsionschikov just 8,000 rubles. Not surprisingly, the next day for 2 minutes were raised to 3, and the horizontal bar oiled.

So you have to hang out than a good idea to hang in one time to remember your results and see how far you are from those two minutes. Hung for more than 1 minute 40 mm - it is a great honor. I arranged the competition for work among office employees, 40 people a minute has hung 10 people. Best results have not exceeded half minutes.

Next nice to get acquainted with 3 phases hovering (see photo):

1 phase - loaded flexor (bending at the wrist), they play a huge role - changing the angle of the forces acting on the fingers and extending them. In this phase must hang as long as possible, the order of 60-70% of the time. If you need to try not to overload the fingers, we need them in the following phases
In the phase 2 work in full force superficial and deep digital flexor. This is our usual familiar enough. But swivel the bar so long you do not sag. Time 30-40%
3 final phase of work only deep digital flexor. If you are not a climber, it is unlikely you will be able to hang it in any way. Just there to win those 10 seconds, which is lacking to win. Just knowing about these phases, you can improve the result by 10 seconds.
What exercises are available to us for longer hovering:

Just hang on krutilki every day.
Catching the way I improved his record with 1 minute 18 seconds to 1 minute 39 seconds per month. As you can see, there is the progress, albeit slowly. Then came the plateau and abroad in 1 minute 40 seconds could not overcome.
Pumped flexor.
Exercises are many, including traumatic, but popular folding brush with a dumbbell when the arm lies horizontally on the bench. Better Bison-1. Better yet, remove krutilki with a horizontal bar, hang it load and bend the arm at the wrist downward (ie engaged in both conventional Rolling Thunder). For best results, we need a diameter of 60 mm.
Work on endUrance
Guru said that force is necessary not to swing at the same time as endUrance. First month (or even more) power swing, then a month endUrance. If we train with its own weight and krutilki hanging on the bar, then we need a smaller diameter of 30 mm, which would be easier to hang longer. You can hang and szhamat and unclench his hand, rolling the handle there. Dynamic load is always better static and emotionally easier.
Here we really can help boards gun I want to note that to keep their hands up is not something that keep your hands down.
Practising hanging on one arm.
If in the process you hover enough strength that would hang on one hand, and the other to shake down - you are almost there. Usually, it is not forbidden in the rules hover, but needs to be clarified in advance. In keeping with this strategy (hand feed the blood), it is theoretically possible to hang indefinitely. One problem, hang on one hand on the bar spinning 40mm, even in fresh state, few people can. My record - 14 seconds, but it only svezhachka.
Downloading pinch, use magnesia.
It is not strange, magnesium helps, despite the fact that the horizontal bar turns. But it helps only the thumb. The thumb should strongly pressed to the horizontal bar (rather than the other fingers) and how they would try to turn the horizontal bar to the other side. This technique increases the hover for 3-5 seconds.
Lose weight.
Everyone I know who could hung for more than 2 minutes - enough thin people with a body weight less than 70 kg.



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