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Wednesday, 25 March 2015 15:00

Due to the survival instinct of humanity and our civilization has existed for thoUSAnds of years. Although in the past few decades, the scientific community is increasingly concerned about the potential global catastrophes - events with high risk that can not only harm the planet, but also to destroy her life.

25. The era of black holes

The era of black holes is described in the book by Professor Fred Adams «The Five Ages of the Universe», as the century in which the matter will be organized only in the form of black holes. They gradually due to quantum processes of radiation absorbed activity will get rid of them matter. By the end of the said era will be only low-energy protons, electrons and neutrons. In other words, we can say goodbye to our beautiful blue planet.

24. End of the World

According to many religious movements that push a variety of hypotheses, approaching end of the world (the day of judgment, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the coming of the Antichrist). In one all agree: end of the world is inevitable. Scientists refute most of hypotheses, but also agree that this can happen.

23. World dictatorial government

When we remembered during the reign of dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Kim Jong-un and other classical political dictatorships, it is easy to assume that such a scenario can also be considered the beginning of the end of civilization.

22. Grey goo

As a result of another Doomsday scenario, a man-made nanorobots will go out of control and destroy humanity.

21. Gamma-radiation

Many scientists are concerned that an extremely powerful gamma radiation of nearby galaxies, resulting in a very large explosion, can result in death of the planet. This hypothesis helps explain the way an invited Fermi paradox, which suggests that, apart from us and other technologically advanced civilizations in the Universe is not, as gamma rays may destroy everything.

20. Global warming

This is a controversial issue, but many believe that as a result of human activity, which arose global warming will be a factor that can be considered as the cause of climate change and loss of life on our planet.

19. Solar hyperactivity

Sun periodically emits into space glowing radioactive gas clouds that threaten the Earth's magnetic field, as they are extremely powerful and reach the Earth in just a few hours. According to some scholars, as a result of the harm that person brings their own planet, uncontrolled coronary emissions once the Sun will destroy the planet.

18. The Big Bang

The Big Bang Theory - this is another questionable cosmological hypothesis, according to which the matter of the Universe, from stars, galaxies to atoms and other particles, which appeared as a result of this explosion, in the same way and will disappear in the future.

17. High compression

High compression is another scientific hypothesis the end of our existence. As a result, it will shrink and the Universe will explode. Big Bang gave birth to it, and destroy large compression.

16. genetic pollution

"genetic pollution" - a dubious term used to explain the uncontrolled use of genetic engineering, which interferes with the natural world. Intervene in the genes is undesirable as it creates one new organisms that can permanently harm the existing ones. As a result of spontaneous mutations may appear undesirable dominant species.

15. Pandemic

Another risk to human life can be considered a global epidemic that can spread very rapidly through droplets and kill people just a few hours before mankind find an effective cure.

14. The extinction of humanity

Would look like a planet if humanity suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth, like the dinosaurs? By the sudden extinction of mankind can cause several reasons. For example, all men become gay and stop the reproduction of mankind.

13. The Future of the Universe

There are two scenarios for the future of the Universe, and both lead to its demise. Some scientists say that the Universe will explode, and others - will freeze. One way or another, but both scenarios absolutely neoptimistichny.

12. Overpopulation

Increasingly sounds threat of overpopulation of the planet. Many experts say that by 2050 it will be the biggest challenge for us. The fact that mankind will be so numerous that it is not to be missed various life-supporting resources such as water and oil. As a result, we obtain a famine, drought, disease, and endless wars between countries.

11. Excessive consumption

Excessive consumption in 2015 is considered one of the risks. Since people consume far more than nature can regenerate. Signs of excessive consumption are huge fishing and excessive consumption of meat. The same applies to vegetables and fruits.

10. World War III

Albert Einstein was one of the first who predicted the end of the world as a result of World War III. He said he did not know what weapons humanity will be used during the Third, but World War IV, humanity will fight with stones and batons.

9. The death of civilization

Destruction of civilization - this is the most realistic scenario of those who predict the death of humanity. An example can be considered the fate of the Mayan civilization, or Byzantine Empire. All the same can happen with all of humanity in the future.

8. Nuclear War

Nuclear holocaust and the Apocalypse are among the real risks that can lead to the destruction of humanity. This can happen because the world has accumulated a huge amount of nuclear weapons.

7. The New World Order

New world order can be set one of the secret organizations that exist today (the Illuminati, Freemasons, Zionists, etc.). Today they are under the control of society, but may in the future become more powerful and their dogmas and actions lead humanity to slavery and the service of evil.

6. The Malthusian trap

The essence of the Malthusian catastrophe by Thomas Malta, the author of "An Essay on the Principle of Population" (1798), that in the future the population will surpass the growth and opportunities of the agricultural sector of the economy and stability. Then will decline and depopulation, and there will be a disaster.

5. alien Invasion

This theory has existed since antiquity, and most (if not all) have seen countless films in which one Sunny afternoon some alien civilization conquer the planet and try to destroy life on it. In the near future this will not happen, but it is possible to happen someday.

4. Transhumanism

Transhumanism - an international cultural and intellectual past few years, the aim of which is the understanding of the great transformations in the role of technology and improve the quality of the material, physical and mental spheres of human life. Although it sounds great, but as a result of information and technological revolution mankind can suffer.

3. Technological Singularity

Experts use the term "technological singularity" to describe a hypothetical scenario in which rapid technological progress will play havoc with humanity, which will create artificial intelligence and die, having lost over the clones and robots control.

2. Mutual Assured Destruction

The concept of "mutual assured destruction" refers to the global use of weapons for mass destruction of people and the planet. This is a real scenario, if we estimate the current political and military situation in the world.

1. Kinetic bombing

Those who watched the movie "Die Another Day", know that the kinetic strike can destroy life on the planet. If you have not seen the movie, then imagine the development of space weapons that could destroy all that is in the world for a couple of seconds.



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