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Sunday, 01 March 2015 06:00

Scientists from the US have formulated a new theory of the functioning of our Universe. According to experts, it is the interior of a black hole.

Also, experts have come to the conclusion that all black holes are entrances to the wormhole Einstein-Rosen, is a space that resemble tunnels. With the help of these tunnels there is a connection of different parts of the space of the Universe. The second end of the tunnel, as scientists believe, joins a black hole with its antipode - white hole, where nothing can get. Inside the wormhole at the same time there is an expanding Universe, similar to our own.

Calculations scientists have theoretical and represent significant value. With their help, for example, can be attributed to the riddle of black holes, including the fact that when hit there any object or erase all the data on it.

It is worth noting that this theory is not new and over her decision physics work for a long time.

This theory of physics which have been operating for a decade or can shed light on many issues that are not able to answer the famous theory of the Big Bang.

According to the theory of the Big Bang, before the Universe began to expand, she was in a singular state-that is, in an infinitesimal point in space an infinite high concentration of matter. This theory helps to explain, for example, why is incredibly dense matter of the early Universe began to expand in the space with great speed and formed celestial bodies, galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

But at the same time it leaves unanswered a number of important issues. Which caused the Big Bang itself? What is the source of the mysterious dark matter?

The theory that our Universe is inside a black hole can give answers to these and many other questions. And besides, it combines the principles of the two central theories of modern physics: general relativity and quantum mechanics.

General relativity describes the Universe in very large scale, and explains how the gravitational fields of massive objects such as the Sun, bend space-time. A quantum mechanics describes the Universe in the smallest scale - at the level of the atom. For example, it takes into account such important characteristic of particles, the spin (rotation).

The idea is that the spin of the particle interacts with cosmic time and sends him a property called "torsion". To understand what torsion, imagine cosmic time in the form of a flexible rod. Bending the rod will symbolize the curvature of space-time, and twisting - torsion of space-time.

If the rod is very thin, you can bend it, but see, twisted or not, it will be very difficult. Torsion of space-time may be noticeable only under extreme conditions - in the early stages of the Universe, or in black holes, where it will appear as a repulsive force is opposite to the gravitational force of attraction posed by the curvature of space-time.

It follows from the general theory of relativity, very massive objects finish their existence, dumping in black holes - the area of ​​space from which nothing can escape, not even light.

At the beginning of the Universe gravitational pull caused by the curvature of space, will exceed the repulsive force of the torsion, so the matter will be compressed. But then the torsion bar will become stronger and begin to interfere with the compression of matter to infinite density. And since the energy has the ability to turn into mass, extremely high levels of gravitational energy in this state will lead to intensive formation of the particles, causing mass inside a black hole will grow.

Thus, the mechanism involves the development of twisting striking scenario: each black hole must generate within yourself a new Universe.

If this theory is correct, then the matter of which our Universe is also brought from somewhere else. Then our Universe should also be formed inside a black hole existing in another Universe that we have to "parent".

The motion of matter at this always occurs in only one direction, which ensures the direction of time, which we perceive as a movement forward. The arrow of time in our Universe, so, too, inherited from the "parent" of the Universe.



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