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Wednesday, 31 December 2014 17:49

Too many developing military engineers from different countries in practice are completely useless. We have gathered the most bizarre of them - such as for example Unicycle tank scooter-gun and rocket belt.

№ 1. The robot loader for the US Army infantrymen

robot Walking Truck was designed and developed in 1965 by Ralph Mosher (Ralph Mosher), the engineer of the company General Electric. This mechanical experimental system, the full name of which sounded like Cybernetic Anthropomorphous Machine (CAM) and whose weight is 1360 kg. The robot was designed to carry cargo over rough terrain and other activities to support employees infantry and special forces.

robot Walking Truck was controlled by specially trained person. His clumsiness and little movement speed, which is only eight kilometers per hour, the robot is more than compensated for its capacity, providing him the opportunity to be a kick to push the jeep stuck in the mud, or destroy the barrier strikes the forelimbs.

Despite all the future prospects of the use of robotics in the military field, the robot Walking Truck proved to be too cumbersome and slow for its practical application, so later, General Electric turned the program CAM. Currently, the only prototype robot Walking Truck is in the Museum of War Transport (US Army Transportation Museum), Fort Eustis, Virginia.

№ 2. The Japanese Submarine aircraft Carrier

Submarines "Sentoku" were lightweight and rugged design. A distinctive feature of the same ships had the opportunity to carry three-seaplane bomber Aichi M6A1 Seiran (equip bombs weighing up to 800 kilograms) with folding wing panels (they are rotated 90 degrees and then leans back) and tail. aircraft design feature was that the folded body parts nor height nor the width of the three-meter do not extend beyond the circumference of the propeller.

aircraft cabin stored inside hangar together with detached from them landing floats (later the aircraft lost floats; they were already controlled pilots bombers, kamikaze). Rise bombers carried out with the help of a catapult, and landing - on floats near the base of the submarine.

Despite plans to build nine submarines, actually only three of them were built completely. We are talking about the first three ships of the "Sentoku» - I-400, I-401 and I-402. All of them were laid in 1943 and became part of the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1944-1945. From the construction of the fourth ship - I-403 - Japanese authorities refused in 1943. Throughout its existence the submarine type "Sentoku 'participation in actual combat so never and was not accepted.

№ 3. Cater robot UAE to combat sea pirates

The fight against piracy military inspired designers to create the United Arab Emirates boat robot armed with, oddly enough, non-lethal weapons.

RC boat, presented by Al Markeb UAE, carries a highly sensitive surveillance camera system minesweeping, pepper spray, water cannons, an acoustic gun and blinding laser capable disorient the enemy. This swimming machine capable to do without crew on board has seven meters in length and 2.8 meters in width. Upon customer request length of the ship can be increased up to 11 meters - if necessary to install additional equipment.

The electric motor is mounted on the boat allows it to conduct maritime patrols without charge for nearly two months. An electric motor driven generator capacity of 5.5 kilowatts.

For his invention of the company Al Markeb requests from 850 thoUSAnd to $ 10 million. The price depends on the configuration boats. Who want to buy a novelty "mine" of military equipment has not yet been found.

№4. Belgian "black box" for the gun

The Belgian company FN Herstal weapon developed and even started selling "black box" for a firearm.

The new device, called FN Herstal Black Box, being attached to the gun or machine capable of counting the number of shots to determine the rate and fix faults in the shooting. All this information can then be used for the repair of the failed "trunk". Black Box can be connected to any type of firearms.


It is assumed that the Black Box will be useful in combat. For example, the device can assign each weapon, to which is attached a unique identification number and is able to transmit data on its use of the command post. In conjunction with the GPS it will get the commander more information about the soldiers on the battlefield, including the nature and location of the shooting. Here are just a "feedback" to the armory news for some reason was not provided.

№ 5. Unicycle armored trailer for tanks

One of the important characteristics of the mobility of the tank is the power reserve car fuel. In the late 50-ies in the Soviet army reserve a significant increase was achieved through the installation of additional tanks outside the tank for fuel, connected to the engine fuel system. Power reserve of the T-54 has increased by 50%, the T-10 - 44%. However, when installing additional barrels exclude the use of smoke grenades when setting smoke screens and turning the gun on the stern with its elevation angles less than + 4 °.

This shortcoming has been decided to liquidate. In 1960 the Design Bureau CEZ №1 on the proposal designer ER Urvantseva designed and manufactured mobile Unicycle armored trailer for T-54 and T-55, intended for the transport of an additional 1,200 liters of fuel.
Trailer has been tested on the range, but the supply was not adopted, as it reduces the maneuverability and speed of the tank.

№ 6. German Unicycle tank Kugelpanzer

At the beginning of the last century all the designers of the world have been busy looking for the secret invincible war machine. Engineering thought it flew in his bold assumptions up, stumbling absurdity promptly dived down.

In the history of tank development project known only round one-wheeled tank adjusted to the prototype. This German tank Kugelpanzer. According to one version, he was captured in Manchuria, on the other - in one of the secret laboratories of the Reich with the legendary super-heavy tank "Mouse."


From the design point of view Kugelpanzer is a ball-machine motor which rotates the two hemispheres that act as wheels. Provided one seat for the driver, as well as the inspection hole and the rear wheel steering. According to various reports, the tank was planned to be used as a light (5-mm armor) fighting machine to adjust artillery fire. According to another version, the tank could be used to ram infantry corps (unit weight of 1.8 tonnes). In fact, no official documents or evidence to support the true purpose Kugelpanzer'a not. Buying only marking on the board: "A copy of the 37". Who is the world's only specimen Unicycle Kugelpanzer tank is in the museum of armored vehicles in Kubinka.

№ 7. French scooter Cannon

One of the most extravagant military instruments of the twentieth century, can rightly be considered the scooter, filled gun for 75-mm shells, which was used by the French connections. After the Second World War, there was an acute shortage of funds to ensure its proper protection of the country, while Europe has raised production capacity and economy. Therefore, when there were at least some free money, the government is trying to spend their most economically and creatively. Five parachutes meant a group of two French soldiers, with charges, ammunition and two scooters. One scooter loaded gun, on the other - shells and cartridges. Most interesting is that the gun fired effectively on the move. Price - $ 500 for a scooter with a gun. French Army bought 800 fully-equipped scooter. Confirmed information that the scooter-guns used in military conflicts, no.

№ 8. American missile trouser belt

Mobility army units has always been one of the most important problems to be solved by the military. The invention 60s represents a real breakthrough. In October 1961, US generals was demonstrated rocket belt or strap, which was fixed powerplant. Commission headed by the president John F. Kennedy. "Armed" miracle belt soldiers could do something like a jump. A total of 120 meters infantryman overcome, not more. Hours rocket launcher was only 21 seconds. Improve this invention have not been able, in a few years, this expensive, but not very promising program was phased out of the Pentagon.

№ 9. British flamethrower jeep

The British during the Second World War, decided to install a flamethrower on the jeep. In order to increase the firepower also brought additional tanks with flammable liquids outside. There have been attempts to turn into a "fiery car" and an armored personnel carrier, but the Queen's subjects felt that the jeep - a win-win solution - it makes less noise when moving, which means that you can get close to the enemy secretly. Thus, the chances of the driver and crew, from all sides surrounded by tanks and canisters with fuel return from a mission alive grow significantly.

Jeep flamethrower was used only in the final stages of the war. How successful was its use is unknown. The Imperial War Museum in Doksforde the Protection of only one sample machine. The fate of the others is unclear - because part in the hostilities in a jeep-flamethrower differed little from smoking at the gas station.

№ 10. The airship-US aircraft carrier

Projects to create huge tanks in the first half of the twentieth century did not seem to be something fantastic. Giant airships-carriers in a series of such inventions military designers have a special place. They are created in only two countries - the United States and Germany.

Military aircraft of the time - as fighters and bombers could not make long flights because of lack of fuel. To solve this problem and have been called "air" aircraft carriers.

In April 1933, American engineer Karl Anshteyn announced his readiness to fly the airship "Macon", and then came to light "twin" "Akron". "Macon" could lift aircraft in the sky 5 F9C «Sparrowhawk».

The mechanism of production of aircraft with airships and their return was extremely simple. The plane was attached to the airship with massive hooks. The pilot require special care when returning "to the base."



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