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Wednesday, 24 December 2014 18:10

On the outskirts Shilovskaya land among the burly boar hides unusual woods, where each Krivit pine trunk to the north.

For twisted like a loop trunks visiting tourists gave the forest preobidnoe name. Even on the Curonian Spit in the Kaliningrad region similar anomaly named dancing forest, Ryazan same pine called none other than the drunk. Apparently, last but not least, and yet, because Drunken trees wealthy citizen is unlikely to detect without a guide. The right way to the place knows Ryazan local historian Andrei Gavrilov: Shilovo leave in the direction of Kasimov, pass through Borok, Inyakin, Selco-Sergievka and turn left at the sign on Dubrovka, on the outskirts of which we turn to the south. The road cuts the forest, on the right hand which appears amazing picture. If knocked down pine trunks travel along the ground, bent into an arc, and as if on cue five feet from the surface upward.

Gavrilov told that Sia landing came here not so long ago - pine and birch trees were planted 50 years ago. Forest became drunk at three sites, and, according to local lore, local came up with a simple and most popular explanation for the fact - a whirlwind of incredible power in 1971. Just why the hurricane bent, not broken unhappy trees, villagers keep quiet. Found out about the wonderful forest and capital seekers paranormal. Gavrilov remembers guests from Moscow uncovered equipment and busily got an electronic compass. Exhaust, as expected from the TV crews, was another sensation - as if sober assessment of the puzzle Drunken Forest, visiting psychics punished clean energy of the dead space, as alleged here and Technology refuses to work, and the head. Having collected the cream of history in the plot-hype capital journalists on a step and did not come close to solving the mystery.

Meanwhile, the forest continues its growth curve, as if noticing the arrival of messengers for sensations. But to grow a forest two thoUSAnd years ago, without attention would not stay. In those days, the Ryazan land inhabited by pagan tribes of Finno-Ugric peoples. It was they who left us a legacy of tenacious names of rivers and lakes, and today we seem to spell utter Oka, Pra, Ermisch, Moksha, Unzha, not understanding a single word. The peoples of these led to the wood of his conversation, hanging on the branches of ancient birch-ribbon knots. For the ancient Finno-Ugric peoples today says local historian Gavrilov.
- Tree trunks in a drunken forest bend under the influence of well-known reasons - we have something you know that it jumped Boer Yaga - slyly smiling specialist forest spirits, head Shilovsky ethno-cultural center "Zarya".

In Ryazan epic Bura-Yaga (not to be confused with the Baba-Yaga) Save as vicious and extremely dangerous old woman, seyavshaya death, ruthlessly devouring accident alive. She has appeared on the fire-breathing horse jumps which generate a fiery whirlwind. Rumor has it that between the words "Boer" and "Storm" there is a direct link.

Praryazanschiny ancient inhabitants, according to the historian Darkevich, forests and feared possible chopping, clearing the on-site thicket of dull light field. Sentenced that in the birch forest is good fun, in a pine - to pray, and in the spruce - strangle. Forest gifts to people with firewood and building materials, but it harbored many dangers. Magical powers absented forest Slavs: that refuge in him Nightingale the Robber, scoured wolves, hosted toed. Slavs believed hiding in the dense forests of the hostile forces. Very unkind fancied them in thickets, broad-Iskor Turned roots. Historian Vasily Klyuchevskii argued that the Russian people "never loved his forest", "unaccountable shyness possessed him when he took under his gloomy canopy. Sleepy, primeval forest silence frightened him; in the deep, silent noise of his secular peaks chuyalos something sinister; every minute waiting for the unexpected, unforeseen hazards strained nerves, excites the imagination. And Old people populated forest with all sorts of fears. Wood - a dark-eyed kingdom Goblin, the evil spirit-bully who likes to fool around on the traveler, wandered in his possession. "

Only skillful hunters, loggers and uglezhogi knew the forest approach. Forest lived, went to the forest: a hostile wilderness turned to knowledgeable people live in a complex organism. The centuries-long war ended in victory for the people a clear advantage. It is proved that in times of Kievan Rus meadows Oka were covered impassable grove, on the spot where today boundless field. It can be seen all along from Ryazan to the field. Forest mercilessly cut pine on the house, birch firewood, linden bast on and spoons, oak furniture, wood ash to burn through - potash, and drove the butt of tar, which in the era before the discovery of oil served as the ancestor of machine oil. Tar smeared hub wheel carts, rubbed leather boots and rubbed the wound. In the modern age, fine chemicals and synthetic drugs, traditional medicine still penetrates the official - stinking tar gives a special flavor Vishnevsky ointment. One way or another, but tar and potash completed the process of total deforestation. In the XX century there was a huge project to straighten the river Pra: Proposed dig a single channel for the purpose of trouble-free alloy timber. And if the plan was pretvorёn in life, an amazing river water color strong brewed tea would have been destroyed forever. After long centuries of persecution and attacks Ryazan forest markedly thinned and rejuvenated. In 1388 Metropolitan Pimen described the area to the west Ryazanschine as deserted forest, where "a lot of animals - elk, wolves, bears, swans, beavers." In their place today completely plowed fields.

Modern science drunken forest attention not spared. Scientists geographers Ryazan State University named Esenina undertook to reflect and come close to solving the mystery Shilovsky crooked. To understand the phenomenon, it is necessary to get acquainted with pine closer. Pine does not hide his age, and saw her for the sake of it is not necessary. It is enough to count the number of whorls, ie places in the trunk, where together on all sides branches grow. Every year pine grows straight section of the trunk with the whorl of branches at the top. If you have a home worth artificial "tree", you too can theoretically calculate its age - it is equal to the total number of levels of branches. Typically, they are from four to seven. The truth at all artificial trees spans on the trunk of the same length, which in nature, of course, does not happen. In natural environments, the length of each section of the trunk between the different branches and is strongly dependent on the quality of the conditions of a particular year.

Here's a closer look and a crooked pines, experts of the Department of Physical Geography RSU noticed that from a height of two meters bent pine trunks together rectified by issuing a series of thirty-five whorls. Hence, scientists have concluded that since about 1980 in the life of Drunken Forest, a period of sobriety. Curved lower part of the trunk contains a record of five or six years in the extraordinary life of the forest, where the incredible power of force made the young trees grow on the tip of the west. Seemed suspicious and another fact: the oldest trees in the forest are distorting healthy right straight trunk. Does this mean that the element concerned only young trees under the age of five years? It is this suspicion voiced by scientists. Geographers have raised climate data of the late 1970s and the results of geological drilling in the area Dubrovka. And then the doubts have disappeared. A few years before the Moscow Olympics weather had created several years of abnormally wet, snowy winters alternating with rainy summers. Drunken trees at that time was a young planting pine trees with short roots, which were not able to withstand the elements. Under the feet of the pines is a thick layer of sand, and under it impervious to water clay. A series of wet years the sand soaked with water, and at one point started slipping. A forest area of a football field was moved and began to slowly slide, taking breaks during the dry season. Trunks of young pine trees bent to the west. The process was repeated several times. For short periods of time to rest the top of sosёnok send up the trunk. Thus, according to scientists understanding and appeared Drunken trees.

Drunken trees is now seen as a contender for inclusion in the list of the natural heritage of the Ryazan region with the status of a natural monument. Loggers are not particularly zaryatsya on winding barrels, of which no hut not lay down, nor to saw slabs. However, this wood can simply cut down, and the clearing land for a new, straight as possible. Because scientists and attended to the issue of protection of boron bent, crooked trunks depicting information on climate change in the XX century. If the mysterious forest have the status of a monument of nature, then surely you can be assured that Drunken trees on earth Shilovskaya ever will be in the wood.

Version scientists, of course, is convincing, but not fully explain why some drunk woods charged hopelessly shrunken phones passes headache, lost all sense of time and lost the best shots from the camera. Maybe because it was the first time among the pines, bent in a shot glass, gets a little distracted, and may indeed have something. Goblin knows.



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