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Wednesday, 24 December 2014 17:01

As you might guess, touch today the most profitable part of the Occupational mythology. At a time when 14 years ago this writer began to receive Secondary medical education, peace, it turned out to be irrevocably broken. One of the reasons for that - my mother yours.
How many remember her she was always confuse for their own health. But with the approach of pension longstanding mother's hobby - self - significantly gained momentum. Spectrum available without a prescription capsules very contributed to this hobby. Arguments that are widely advertised miracle medicine that sell for 5 kilobabok, at cost hardly pulls and percentage of this amount is the equivalent of a cheap drugstore and besides medicine is not (this is fairly written in the abstract) had no effect - the credibility of advertising in the Soviet man is inviolable, as the Union in the old hymn. Inviolable in the "scoop" and children waiting for a miracle from the package with a foreign name. The result of these complex stochastic factors was that the collection of shamanic boxes, bottles and stones therapeutic multiply quite some time.

I think the probability that something similar encountered or will encounter more and you are very different from zero. Therefore proceed.

On the subject of conversation

Only the shadow of the Russian market of dietary supplements (as of 2009-10.), About 0.9 billion dollars a year. It is clear that their goods tenevikov vparivat to anybody unprofitable. The most promising client - surviving from the mind stariche holding a stash of money for the funeral, sufferers with erectile dysfunction and anxious metabolism middle-aged ladies. In the Internet, for "see the composition and value of the goods", the public rarely climbs, with doctors advised reluctantly, in general medicine does not believe, cursing her "official". And most importantly: the contingent has unwavering faith in the healing power of nature. Legally, nothing illegal dealer does not. Shoes he agrees to pay inflated amounts for boxes with placebo - no one forces.

The first myth. "Any drugs synthesized chemically dangerous default".

The reality is that taken from the nature of today are much more unpredictable than artificially synthesized. Pharmaceutical Chemistry long since reached a level where you can control the action well known dose of the active substance and ensure that no set of impurities inherent in preparations of plant and animal origin. Pure substance with a predictable effect vs unknown substance that no one knows who collected unaware that contains important - in some unknown quantities (the reality of so-called "naturopathic medicine", alas). Which of these do you personally choose?

The second myth. "Bee products are absolutely harmless."

Option: "Well, that may contain hazardous product, created by nature itself?"

Vranje. Products containing honey, ambrosia, bee pollen, propolis, bee venom and other, cause allergic reactions. And not just cause, and very often. Basically, of course, those who are predisposed. But with the proper degree of fanaticism - not only them. Therefore, for example, with extreme caution, these drugs should be given to children. A small children better not to give their all.

But that's not all. In case of overdose bee products may be toxic ..., significantly impacting the liver and kidneys. Quite safe to ingest "bee pharmacy" can only practically healthy citizen. CA same as that actively vparivayut these products from this status, usually far. They say, "before use, consult a physician."

The third myth. "Any plant products grown in an ecologically pure, harmless."

The downside of myth # 1. Like honey, herbs regularly cause allergies. In addition, the toxic dose "of herbarium" pinpoint much more difficult, since the active substances in plants "walk" - depend on the collection site, time of collection, processing, etc. Ergo: travanut them too much easier. Especially - in comparison with the hated "chemistry" from another department. Contrary to another popular myth, side effects of herbal drugs cause no less than synthetic.

The fourth myth and chief.

Supplements are not treated. At best, they may be used as adjuvant therapy to the basic treatment. But generally their aim is to help maintain health, as long as it available. cure anything dietary supplement can not, by definition, that would not bode advertising. How Come? And because the active ingredients are present in Badakhshan under physiological (replaced light disadvantage create excess light) rather than therapeutic (Rule polomatoe) doses.

practical work

The reality is that almost all the wonder drugs sold under the counter, over the phone, advertised in the media under the umbrella brand "is not a drug" should arouse suspicion. Because the active ingredients in dietary supplements are not so many, all of them are known and entered in the register of permitted. The cost price of any combination thereof does not exceed a hundred or so wooden. Yes, no thoUSAnd rubles! What is important to know: registering new dietary supplements, the manufacturer does not have the right stuff in him something brand new that goes beyond the said list. To make matters worse, the components of miracle cures are often sold immediately at the pharmacy under the less poetic name and for an amount not exceeding ten rubles! Therefore, before buying should carefully study the drug. Try to explain to all their old people.

My mother had a moderately healing effect is, for example, the "combo" arguments.

The First. The phrase "not a drug" means that if you prove that your drug is not toxic at the indicated doses and contains only approved components - you can safely sell it. To do this, even medical education is not necessary! After all the components from the list of tested for safety. Most often it is the usual food components - extracts from vegetables, for example. Do not conduct any research, and advertising can you promise ohlosu heart desires. The main thing is less concrete - for poor advertising and now the court can draw.

Example. Cellulose food contains bioactive substances, but stimulates intestinal motility. At the same time reduces cholesterol and helps rid the body of radionuclides. It is worth 10-180 rubles per pack (depending on the dosage form and the number of intermediaries). Mix food with cellulose component of randomly permitted list packaged in capsules, we "achieve high-tech miracle remedy for improving digestion, weight loss, cancer prevention and elimination of toxins (toxins and radionuclides) SuperKishkostimulin Plus!" Lepim the label medal advertise on box and drive product at a price of 1500 rubles ... packing. What is important - not undermine. Because really helps and profilaktiruet. Another question: price / performance ratio.

Second. Remember: manufacturer of dietary supplements are not required to prove that his drug is effective. Because dietary supplements - not a medicine, and clinical trials for the law does not require it. This explains the amount of this kind on the market. Forums on the Web at hundreds of nicknames manufacturer says it is a wonderful tool and how it has helped him personally. But then subtlety. Advertising zashkalivaet price plus plus "word of mouth" alone can cause the placebo effect in the most suggestible of the audience.

Third. No one and nothing prevents to register the same product (with recipe close to the point of confusion) under different names. This is the next reason for the prevalence of dietary supplements on the market. Take the same structure. Patenting under the aforesaid three or four different names. Run ads for a credible among pensioners "Echo of Moscow" ... PROFIT!

I hope someone can help this text. God bless you.



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