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Saturday, 13 December 2014 15:02

Physicists from the UK and Canada have reported that as a result of the Big Bang but our Universe could be another, where the time goes in the opposite direction.

As a rule, modern physical theory (equation describing them) at a fundamental level not imply the direction of time. However, the initial conditions imposed on their decision, set the direction of propagation time. A new study by scientists shows that even a simple physical example can be seen in the development of bi-time dynamics of the system.

Physicists have investigated a system of N massive bodies (N = 1000), interacting according to the classical Newton's law of gravitation. Scientists have suggested that their total energy (kinetic and potential), and the total angular momentum is zero. As shown by computer simulation, in the distant future, the system must decay into weakly interacting subsystems consisting of pairs of mass - Keplerian elements dynamics.

The symmetry of time in the experiment scientists is reflected in the qualitative symmetry around the central area of the image in which the distribution of the particles as uniformly as possible. The direction of time indicated by the arrow on the axis, is conditional (it can be changed to the opposite).

The choice of the direction of time can be associated with the occurrence of breakdown of the structure through the occurrence of irregularities in minimum with subsequent expansion and the formation of structures in the form of Kepler pairs (in the image are shown in the form of loops). Meanwhile, domestic observers, located on one of the central areas would be considered a dynamic movement in the past.

As shown by scientists worldwide review of the system is symmetrical in time, but locally it has the arrow of time. To do this, scientists have introduced a parameter CS, which characterizes the degree of heterogeneity and clustering system.

He has at least a minimum cluster size and approximately evenly growing in both directions from this minimum time. It turns out that although the global time symmetric, locally - it is not. According to the researchers, their finding is new, and the direction of time is not necessarily linked to the initial conditions.

In classical physics, time and three-dimensional space are independent. In quantum mechanics, time is a parameter, while the coordinates in three-dimensional space allow quantization procedure - they can match the operator, and they are observable.

In the relativistic generalization of classical mechanics - the special theory of relativity (STR) - time and space actually linked into a single four-dimensional space-time and are almost equal. Further development of this concept gets in quantum field theory, which unites quantum mechanics and service stations, as well as the general theory of relativity (GR), is to spread the ideas of SRT on gravitational phenomena.

In contrast to the above sciences, thermodynamics, there is a preferred direction of time (so-called arrow of time). This is due to the flow of processes that reduce ordering system (increasing entropy) direction coincides with the direction of increasing entropy.

One of the founders of statistical physics, Ludwig Boltzmann, to explain why earlier entropy value was lower than now, put forward the hypothesis that the visible Universe is a fluctuation in some equilibrium (low entropy) system.

In this case, the direction of time must coincide with the direction of the change in entropy, returns it to its equilibrium value. Most physicists disagreed with Boltzmann, arguing that if his hypothesis justice dimensions of such a world would not have to exceed the size of the galaxy and the solar system.

However, the statistical interpretation of thermodynamics can (in some sense) deselect the direction of time in thermodynamics and to correlate it with the quantum field theory. The latter can happen from statistical mechanics by replacing the return temperature on the imaginary time.

"Thermodynamics - this is the only physical theory of the total, of which I am convinced that in the framework of applicability of its basic concepts, it will never be refuted," - as Albert Einstein said about thermodynamics. Although the transition to the imaginary time and eliminates the question of the direction of time in thermodynamics, at the same time it raises many other inherent quantum field theory.

The new work of scientists has not solved the problem of the arrow of time. Their work is not able to explain why, for example, decayed radioactive nuclei are not going together. According to scientists, it may take a lot of work to bring these issues to the problem of gravitational interaction in a simple system, considered by the authors of the study.



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