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Wednesday, 10 December 2014 15:16

Few people do not like riddles, and nature is not a trifle, regularly throwing them to the people throughout the history of mankind. Today we talk about the mysteries of science, scientists are seriously confused. If modern science can not understand it at least, what we can expect in the future? Perhaps one of these puzzles it is you decide. However, as long as they remain beyond comprehension.

continental Drift

The theory of continental drift was first proposed in 1500 and claimed that the continents drift relative to each other across the ocean. It was later upgraded to the theory of plate tectonics, which claimed that on the ocean floor have tectonic plates that move slowly, separating the continents and oceans creating for millions of years. The mystery, however, is what causes the movement of these plates. In the future, as it became known that the theory does not fully explain the phenomenon. Some believe that because of the inexplicable nature of the driving force of plate tectonics continents could share much faster than over millions of years, thanks to a catastrophe like a powerful flood.

extinction of megafauna

Once on the ground there were giant animals, such as the woolly mammoth. The common name of this animal - megafauna. Megafauna disappeared for the most part quite recently, in the range of ten thoUSAnd years ago. And scientists have not been able to find out for sure why. The main reasons put forward theses such as hunting and climate change. But those who are behind climate change, do not have any serious evidence that they often refer to the fact that there is not enough evidence for another thesis. With regard to hunting as a cause, the scientists say that even if it were true, archeology gives too little evidence to support this. The mystery remains unsolved, and we can not understand why in fact extinct giant animals.

Mpemba effect

Mpemba effect states that the boiling water, under certain circumstances, can not only warm but also make it faster than cold. This phenomenon, according to the evidence found in ancient Greece, although it seems to contradict the laws of thermodynamics. In 1969, a scientist named Mpemba conducted experiments that proved that the effect is real, but they have left scientists with more questions than answers. The reasons for this phenomenon led many options, but none of them did not satisfy scientists. Perhaps someday scientists solve the mystery and, but so far the results of studies just depressing.

speed of light

Although no study the speed of light does not disprove the theory that the speed of light is maximum, there is growing evidence that this statement may be incorrect. Some argue that dark energy is moving faster over time. Others believe that if the Big Bang theory is correct, the Universe was expanding much faster than the speed of light in its infancy. While it is still unclear whether we can detect speed greater than light, science moves forward. Who knows, maybe we'll break the fundamental limits.

out of body experience

People long ago have reported strange experiences when they are close to death, and occasionally at other times, their consciousness leaves the body, but the body remains alive. One group of researchers tried to verify these claims. The scientists used virtual reality and the camera to the subject touched the virtual body and real body, and then only the real. People were convinced that the real body concerned, when in fact it was the opposite. This experiment gave rise to the assumption that human experience body experiences may be more severe. The researchers also plan to study the experience in a state of clinical death, using a variety of mechanisms, such as described above. It is important to understand exactly what it is: an illusion or consciousness really leaves the body. At the moment it remains a mystery.

Birds falling from the sky

A few years ago in Arkansas bunch of black birds fell from the sky. Then accused fireworks, although not particularly well to test this theory. Shortly thereafter, the birds fell again, and this time the fireworks were innocent. At the same time, in the same state, the dead were thoUSAnds of fish. Although explanations had plenty, none of them did not give a precise answer to the question why thoUSAnds of birds fall from the sky and in the same area killed thoUSAnds of fish suddenly. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but it is very strange.

Space roar

Scientists have tried to study young stars, but in 2006, faced with a problem: the mysterious noise that interferes with the investigation. Scientists did not understand what causes it. Although the sound can not travel through space, radio waves can, but where? That their issues? Moreover, the sound was six times louder than expected. Scientists have managed to figure out that these radio waves do not belong to any of the currently known, their sources are not the young star and not a particle of our dust.

Moon illusion

Moon illusion existed a long time ago, in the days of Aristotle. Illusion is manifested in the fact that the Moon appears to be larger, being close to the horizon, rather than being at the zenith. In the past, people assumed that the fault is an atmospheric effect or physics, but these options have failed. Others suggested that the fault are principles such as relative size, or the illusion of distance, but scientists have not found a clear explanation of this illusion. Modern science is powerless.

Wave-particle duality

For a long time people could debate whether the light wave or a particle, but after many years of research, it turned out that things are much more complicated than they appear at first glance. Studies have shown that the photon can simultaneously act as light and as a particle. However, when the scientists decided to see how the photon chooses the form of waves or particles form, things went awry - the photon did not listen. This is one of the most interesting mysteries of quantum mechanics - the effect of the observer.

Origin of Life

The origin of life and the creation of the Universe remains a matter of debate and research throughout the history of mankind. Some scientists explain the creation of the Universe, the Big Bang model, which many of us were taught in school. Much research has been conducted on the topic of abiogenesis, which implies the emergence of organic life from inorganic as the only way to create life from another life. Despite the incredible amount of research, none of them has not been confirmed for sure, and probably never confirmed. Anyway, the big bang theory is not as beautiful as I'd like, but that was before the Big Bang and what is outside the Universe - these questions the theory does not give answers.

Nevertheless, proponents of intelligent design argue that even if the Big Bang and is proved, there is no evidence that any of the inception of the Universe is not God intervened. Even scientists admit that may be the root cause of some fluctuations, "snap of the fingers" that perhaps we will never know. In any case, the Universe is huge, so somewhere in her backyard could be another life to which we can not get ever.



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