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Friday, 28 November 2014 15:48

Physical realism - a view that the physical world that we see is real and exists in itself. Most people think that this goes without saying, but for some time physical realism seriously inconsistent with some of the facts from the world of physics. Paradoxes that baffled physicists of the last century, is still not resolved, and promising string theory and supersymmetry anywhere this cart until you brought.

In contrast, the quantum theory works, but the quantum waves that entangled themselves in a state of superposition, and then collapse, seem physically impossible - they seem to be "imaginary." All this translates into an interesting picture: the theory that there is effectively predicts that there is - but how can predict the unreal real?

Quantum realism - is the opposite point of view, according to which the quantum world is real and creates the physical world as a virtual reality. Quantum mechanics, thus predicting physical effects of mechanics, because it is the cause. Physicists say that assume that quantum states are not there, it's like "do not pay attention to that man over there behind the curtain."

Quantum realism - it is not "matrix" in which another world created by our will be physical. This idea is not in the brain-pan, as this virtual has long before man appeared. And it's not a phantom another world that affect our: our physical world - the phantom itself. In the physical realism of the quantum world does not exist, but in the quantum realism physical world is impossible - unless it is a virtual reality. And possible explanations.

The appearance of the Universe


physical realism

Everyone has heard about the Big Bang, but if the physical Universe to us, how it started? Completed Universe should not be changed at all, because she had nowhere to go and nowhere to go, and nothing can change it. Nevertheless, in 1929, astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that all galaxies are expanding away from us, which has led to the idea of the Big Bang, which happened in the space-time point of the order of 14 billion years ago. The discovery of the cosmic microwave background (which can be seen in the form of white noise on the TV screen) confirmed that our Universe is not only started at the point, but space and time emerged with her.

So, when the Universe appeared, it already existed before its establishment, which is impossible, or was created by something else. May not be such that the whole, complete and whole Universe came by itself from nothing. Nevertheless, in this strange idea, most physicists believe today. They believe that the first event was a quantum fluctuation in a vacuum (in quantum mechanics, pairs of particles and antiparticles come and go everywhere, that is, absolute emptiness does not exist). But if the matter is simply appeared out of space where there was space? As quantum fluctuations in space could create a space? How could it time to start walking by itself?

quantum realism

Each virtual reality begins with the first event, with whom there is both space and time. From this perspective, the Big Bang occurred when our physical Universe booted, including its operating system of space-time. Quantum Realism suggests that the Big Bang was really great starter.

Our Universe has a maximum speed


physical realism

Einstein came to the conclusion that nothing can travel faster than light in a vacuum, and over time it has become a universal constant, however, it is unclear why. Roughly speaking, any explanation is that "the speed of light is constant and ultimately, because here and so." Because nothing can be straighter line.

But the answer to the question "why things can not move faster and faster," which sounds like "because they can not" is hardly satisfactory. Light slows down (refracted) with water or glass, and when it moves in the water, we say that his medium is water, when in the glass - glass, but when it is moving in empty space, we are silent. How can a wave vibrates in a vacuum? There is no physical basis for the movement of light on the vacuum of space, not to mention the determination of the maximum possible speed.

quantum realism

If the physical world - a a virtual reality, the speed of light - is the product of information processing. information is defined as a sample from a finite set, so its processing must also be carried out at a finite rate, which means that our world is updated with a finite velocity. Conditional processor supercomputer updated 10 quadrillion times a second, and our Universe is updated trillions of times faster, but the principles are basically the same. And if the screen has a pixel and the refresh rate, in our world there is the Planck length and Planck time.

In such a case will limit the speed of light, because the network can not transmit anything faster than one pixel per cycle, that is, Planck Planck length per unit time, or the order of 300,000 kilometers per second. The speed of light is actually should be called velocity space (space).

Our time is very supple


physical realism

In Einstein's twin paradox one of them traveling on a rocket at almost the speed of light and returned a year later to find that his twin brother - an octogenarian. None of them knew that their time is different, and all survived, but one life comes to an end, and the other - is just beginning. In objective reality it seems impossible, but the time for particles in accelerators really slows down. In the 1970s, scientists around the world have launched an atomic clock on the plane to confirm that those ticking slower than initially synchronized with the clock on their land. But as the time, the judge of all the changes that may itself be subject to change?

quantum realism

virtual reality dependent on the virtual time, wherein each cycle is a "tick". Every gamer knows that when your computer freezes due to lag, the game slows down a little time, too. Similarly, in our world time slows the growth rate or near massive objects, indicating virtual. Twin rocket aged only for a year, because all processing cycles it podvisli system in order to save. Changed only its virtual time.

Our space is curved


physical realism

According to the general theory of relativity, the Sun keeps the Earth in orbit due to curved space, but the space can be bent? In the space, by definition, there is a movement, so that it twisted, it must exist in another space, and so on ad infinitum. If matter exists in the space of emptiness, nothing can move or bend the space.

quantum realism

In the "idle" computer actually is not idle, and performs zero program, and our space can do the same. Casimir effect occurs when the vacuum space has two pressure plates which are located close to each other. Modern physics says that this pressure causes the virtual particles that emerge from nowhere, but in the quantum realism empty space is filled with treatment, which causes the same effect. And space as manufacturing network may be a three-dimensional surface can bend.

accidents happen


physical realism

In quantum theory, quantum collapse is random, for example, a radioactive atom can emit a photon when he pleases. Classical physics does not explain the coincidence of events. Quantum theory explains the physical event "collapse of the wave function", so every physical event is an element of chance.

To prevent the threat of physical caUSAlity championship in 1957 by Hugh Everett proposed the many-worlds theory untestable idea that every quantum choice creates a new Universe, so each version of the events taking place somewhere in the new "multi-Universe» (multiverse). For example, if you chose sandwiches for breakfast, nature creates another Universe in which you eat breakfast peaches and yogurt. Originally belonged to the many-worlds interpretation, with a laugh, but today physics increasingly prefer this theory to others, to dispel the nightmare of accidents.

However, if the quantum events create new Universes, it is easy to guess that the Universe will accumulate at a rate that goes beyond any concept of infinity. The many-worlds imagination is not simply bypasses the Occam's razor, but also abused her. In addition, multiple Universe - is the reincarnation of another old tale of clockwork Universe (clockwork Universe), which is the quantum theory debunked in the last century. False theories do not die, they turn into a zombie theory.

quantum realism

The processor in the online game can generate a random value, and our world - too. Quantum random events, as related to the client-server actions to which we have access. Quantum randomness seems pointless, but plays the same role in the evolution of matter, some genetic flUKe played in biological evolution.

antimatter exists


physical realism

Antimatter refers to subatomic particles, corresponding to electrons, protons and neutrons of ordinary matter, but with opposite electric charge and other properties. In our Universe negative electrons revolve around the positive nuclei. Antimatter in the Universe positive electrons would rotate around negative nuclei, but the inhabitants of this Universe, it would seem that the physical laws all right. matter and antimatter annihilate on contact, that is, cancel out.

Paul Dirac equation predicted antimatter long before its discovery, but to the end it was not clear how something annihilate matter at all possible. Feynman diagram meetings with anti-electron electron shows that last faced, goes back in time! As is often the case in modern physics, this equation works, but its consequences have no meaning. matter does not need the antipode, and reverse the flow of time undermines the caUSAl foundations of physics. Antimatter - this is one of the most intriguing discoveries of modern physics.

quantum realism

If the matter - is the result of processing and the processing sequence of sets of values, should be that these values may be reversed, thus obtaining, antiobrabotku. In this light antimatter - is an unavoidable by-product of matter created during processing. If the time - it's the end of the primary cycles of matter, antimatter, it will be the completion of the secondary cycle, which means that it will go in the opposite direction. Mothers have antipode because processing that creates it, is reversible, and antivremya there for the same reason. Only virtual time can go back.

Two-slit experiment

physical realism

More than 200 years ago, Thomas Young conducted an experiment, which is still baffled physicists missed light through two parallel slits to get an interference pattern on the screen. Waves can only do so, so the particle beam (even one photon) must wave. However, the light can fall on the screen in the form of a point, which can only occur if the photon - particle.

To test this, physicists sent one photon through the slits Jung. One photon gave the expected point of impact of the particle, but soon formed a point of the interference pattern. The effect is independent of time: one photon passing through the slits, each year produces the same picture. None of the photon does not know where he was the previous one, since there is an interference pattern? Detectors placed on each slot, only wasted time - a photon passes through one slit or through another, never - through both. Nature mocks us when we are not looking, the photon - a wave when we look - particle.

Modern physics calls this puzzle wave-particle duality, "profoundly strange" phenomenon explicable only esoteric equations nonexistent waves. Nevertheless, we, sane people know that point particles can not spread like waves, and waves can not be particles.

quantum realism

Quantum theory explains the experiment Young fictitious waves that pass through both slits interfere and then collapse to a point on the screen. It works, but the waves that do not exist, can not explain the fact that there is. In the quantum photon realism program may be distributed in the network as a wave, and then start all over again, when a node reboots and restarts, as a particle. What we call physical reality is a series of reboots, and explain quantum waves and quantum collapse.

Dark energy and dark matter


physical realism

Modern physics describes matter that we see in the Universe but also has five times more than what is called dark matter. It can be found as a halo around the black hole at the center of our galaxy, which binds stars together more firmly than they can afford gravity. It does not matter that we can see, because it does not take light; it is not anti-matter, since it does not have the signature of gamma radiation; it is not a black hole, because there is no effect of gravitational lensing - but without dark matter stars in our galaxy would be scattered away.

None of the known particles does not describe dark matter - offered hypothetical particles known as weakly interacting massive particles (WIMP, or "WIMPs"), but none of them have not been found despite a thorough search. In addition, 70% of the Universe is represented by dark energy, which physicists also can not explain. Dark energy - a sort of negative gravity, weak effect that pushes things, accelerating expansion of the Universe. It does not change much over time, but there was something floating in the expanding space should subside with time. If it is a property of space, it would have increased with the expansion space. At the moment, no one has a clue about what is dark energy.

quantum realism

If empty space - a zero tillage, "sleep mode", then it is not empty, and if it is expanded, the empty space is constantly being added. New processing point, by definition, accept input, but do not provide any output. Thus, they absorb, but do not radiate, just as the negative effect that we call dark energy. If the new space is added at a constant rate, the effect will not change much over time, so dark energy is due to the continued creation of space. Quantum Realism suggests that the particles that could explain dark energy and dark matter, will not be detected.

tunneling electrons


physical realism

In our world, the electron can suddenly jump out of a Gaussian field, through which can not penetrate. This can be compared with a coin in a completely closed glass bottle that suddenly appears outside. In purely physical world is simply not possible, but in this - completely.

quantum realism

Quantum theory suggests that the electron should accidentally prodelyvat described above, because quantum wave can propagate regardless of the physical barriers and the electron can suddenly collapse at any point. Each collapse - a frame of the movie, which we call physical reality, except that the next frame is not fixed, but is based on probabilities. Electron "tunneling" through impassable field - this is a film that hides from view, as an actor out of the house to the outside.

This may seem strange, but teleporting from one state to another - this is how the whole quantum matter moves. We see the physical world that exists independently of our observations, but in quantum theory, the effect of the observer describes the effect of the form of the game: when you look to the left, creating a single view when right - another. In theory, Bohm ghostly quantum wave guides the electron, but in theory we are considering, the electron is this ghostly wave. Quantum realism allows quantum paradox, making the quantum world is real, physical world - his product.



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