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Monday, 24 November 2014 16:58

Space, the final frontier. The seemingly endless space, tayaschee an infinite number of things before the most unknown and dangers that can not imagine not to mention the fact to understand, even ingenious mind of man. Looking at the stars in the night sky, it's hard not to wonder about what is out there on the other side of our earthly existence?

Good or bad, but there are people who begin to "meditate very loud" about what could be "out there" and at the same time thanks to the colorful but fictional detail trying to give their hypotheses life. And sometimes these unfounded ideas, like a virus, spread among the society and more scary, try to push real science and true knowledge to replace the crazy theories, which in turn can be a very great danger.
Not all of these crazy theories are born equal. Most of them really sound delusional. But it also happens that due to its complexity (more confusion) and saturation on parts such theories may sound very believable. It is about these crazy theories, whose life was given only a few believers in the truth of their people, and then distribute them to the masses, today we'll talk.

Venus was a comet

Imagine that our solar system is a pool table, and the planet - billiard balls. They face and broken into each other, creating in its wake new space objects. Around about the same wrote scientist and psychiatrist Immanuel Velikovsky in his 1950 best-selling book "Worlds in Collision".

On the pages of his book, the author says that about 3500 years ago, the vast cosmic body hit Jupiter. As a result of this collision, broke away from the planet piece that became wandering comet through the solar system and at some point, even the Bible was the cause of many accidents, yet in the end is not formed in the planet Venus.

Physics and astronomy almost unanimously rejected the theory Velikovsky. Largely because it violates all conceivable laws of physics. For example, this idea was a direct contradiction with the law of motion Newton, which describes concepts such as velocity and acceleration. Another contradiction of this theory is that the composition of the atmosphere of Venus is completely different from the composition of the atmosphere of Jupiter. In the end, to this day there is no geological evidence that could at least indirectly to speak in favor of this theory.

And yet the book Velikovsky gained great popularity. Likely attracted people that form and content, in which the author takes the reader various biblical stories and ancient mythology.


I'm sure many of you have heard about the Big Bang theory, during which one of the tiny particles of the Universe was created, which is still expanding, stretched and cooled at the same time, farther away beyond its original point of the formation. But what if the Big Bang is the result of more collisions?

Take two Universes, clash with each other and you will be presented beginning of the so-called Ekpyrosis origin of life, the idea of which was invented in 2001 by several physicists. In this theory, the Universe has a cylindrical shape, and the events occurring on repeated periodically. The essence of the theory is that two or more of the multidimensional Universe faced, gave birth to our Universe, but without inflation and the continued expansion of the Big vrzyva.

Like many other models of origin of the Universe, Ekpyrosis relies largely only on assumptions about the mechanisms that allow this Universe exist. Despite the fact that many modern scholars believe this theory is very interesting, they think it is too complicated and at the same time to a greater extent rely on a set of common assumptions.

white holes

Nature often show us a mirror symmetry. If somewhere there is a black hole, then why not assume that there are white holes?

Black holes are the most mysterious objects in the Universe, has such a powerful gravitational pull that nothing, not even the slightest bit of light can not escape his fate of being absorbed into the object, after crossing the point of no return - the so-called event horizon.

If we assume the existence of white holes, the theory of the event horizon will work in a completely opposite direction and instead of being drawn into itself all animate and inanimate, on the contrary it will repel all on my own.

Any matter which has appeared near a white hole would cause its destruction. Since black holes do exist and are formed as a result of the destruction of the stars, that is, where there is the matter, the possibility of the existence of white holes is likely impossible.

In other words, black holes do not necessarily have its antipode. They can actually be a point in space, not having the "other" side.

The Universe is a hologram

With all the current popularity of virtual reality technology is not surprising that there are people who believe that our Universe itself is one gigantic illusion. Quite possibly, our bodies really are not truly three-dimensional objects, but instead we all live within a two-dimensional hologram. A team of scientists from Fermilab (National Accelerator Laboratory. Enrico Fermi) in Illinois (USA) decided to conduct an experiment to find the answer to this question.

The essence of the experiment was the use of powerful laser beams combined into an L-shaped device, called golometr. If installed in your device sensors detect a variation in the brightness of the laser beams, then there is likely to be a consequence of the noise of space-time in the beam path or interference. Ultimately, this could mean that the Universe in which we live has limitations to only keep a certain amount of information.

The idea that the Universe is a hologram, is based on the assumption that the space and time in the Universe are not continuous. Instead, they are discrete and "pikselizirovanny", so you can not increase the "zoom" of the Universe is infinite, penetrating deeper and deeper into the essence of things. To achieve a certain scale values increase, the Universe takes the form of images with very low quality and therefore uninformative. As a result, the theory suggests that the Universe actually exists only in two dimensions, and the third dimension is an illusion, or a hologram created by the interference of space and time.

Nevertheless, the theory does not look absolutely insane. The main difficulty prove or disprove this theory lies in the fact that nothing in this world can not move faster than the speed of light. In consequence of this it is not possible to determine what is the same the world around us - a reality or a hologram.

Observation of the dark energy makes it unstable

You've probably heard the saying, "When You're Expecting, time runs very slowly." So according to some theorists, if a long look at the Universe, or part of it, then this process will destroy it. And some people think that watching dark energy destabilizes our reality.

Scientists currently believe that matter - objects such as stones, glass, water, etc. - occupy in the Universe only about 4 percent of the space. More than 26 percent of dark matter reserved. But you can not touch this matter. And binoculars you will not see it. This is because dark matter is a type of mass that we can not see. All that we know about it is the fact that it exists. This is evidenced by its gravitational effects that it produces to other objects in space.

The remaining 70 percent of the space is occupied by dark energy. Scientists are not quite sure what it is, but it is this invisible force, in their opinion, is the precipitating factor expansion of the Universe.

In this paper, has been very widely publicized, Professor Lawrence Krauss theorizes that the observation of dark energy "can reduce the lifetime of the whole Universe." This occurs as a consequence of the quantum Zeno effect - quantum paradox whereby observation of the object can act directly on the object. In other words, if we observe the dark energy is thus able to bring down its internal quantum clock, which in turn may cause the return of matter to an earlier form of its existence as a result - we all canoe into oblivion.

In fact, the article Krauss (especially its ending) was very embellished media and other sources of media. Scientist immediately released an edited version of his article, which nevertheless did not give the total previously proposed ideas. So that the quantum Zeno effect is real. If you happen to see the dark energy, for the sake of all living things, for the sake of the whole Universe does not look at it too closely. Suddenly really "came shooting out."

information paradox of black holes

Nothing, not even the smallest particle of light is not able to escape the fate of being absorbed into the black hole, it appear next. Unfortunately, scientists still do not know what happens to an object that fell into the black hole. Maybe on the other side of this mysterious celestial body object falls into the evil version of Disneyland? Or simply an object ceases to exist, absolutely destroyed, as if it was not at all?

Earlier theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking suggested that black holes can actually completely destroy the essence of the object, leaving only a tiny quantum trace (electric charge or spin). But this theory is one discrepancy. The fact that according to the known laws of the Universe all information can not be totally lost. It must be stored somewhere, otherwise washed in existence just is not there. Quantum mechanics, along with a lot of accepted principles of physics will sink into oblivion, leaving scientists with only the most basic knowledge about the properties of reality.

In the late 1990s, Hawking rejected the idea that black holes completely destroy information. Instead, scientists have suggested that the information is indeed possible to exist, but in a very different form.

In other words, if you will stand out a chance to get into a black hole, it is advisable to relax and take into account the fact that information about you will not be completely lost. It is possible that you will be somewhere again restored, but in a different form.

The Moon does not rotate

There is one question that occasionally plagued the minds of novice astronomers. When you look at the Moon, it always looks the same. Is the Moon does not rotate?

In fact, the Moon orbits. This process only takes about one Earth month. Nor should we forget and that in addition to the rotation around its own axis, the Moon also wraps around the Earth, so the natural satellite of our planet has always turned to us only a single party. This effect is known as synchronous rotation.

In truth, we do not constantly see a static image of the Moon. At certain periods of the Moon's orbit is inclined towards us so that we can see more of her surface. The maximum can be seen from Earth, only 59 percent of this celestial body. The remaining 41 percent, we will never see if we are on the ground. In turn, those who will be behind the Moon never see Earth.

Pulsars - beacons aliens

For decades, scientists have observed the various signals from space to one day find evidence that a particular signal was sent to our side of extraterrestrial life. Who knows, maybe in the distant margins of the Universe does have other forms of life, as we desperately wanted to make contact with space brothers, sending rays consist of electromagnetic radiation.

There are people on Earth who confidently believe that pulsars are really giant beacons aliens. These cosmic objects are sources of electromagnetic radiation, which they release every few seconds (or fractions of a second) in its rotation. Issued this energy beams pass through the entire Universe.

Regular and repeated radiation of pulsars, some people are beginning to take as a means of communication. However, it also happens that the frequency of pulsations (radiation) changes. This occurs as a consequence of small changes in the period of the pulsar. So far, none of the signals received from these space objects was not so complex or structured, would say that this momentum is a kind of a special form of communication or send a message.

Maybe one day another space civilization and the truth will send us a postcard in the New Year or Christmas. And if it does happen, I would like to believe that humanity will be adequately prepared in terms of technology, in order to correctly interpret the transmitted "congratulations."

Planet X will destroy our world

Somewhere in the darkness of space there is a planet that does not have an orbit and are not tied to any stellar system. The planet is moving toward Earth. Clash is inevitable. Nothing in the world can not survive after this disaster. Our world will completely disappear. Thank you for being with us all these years, our dear readers. See you in another world.

Like this we would have written on our site on the planet X, if there was a high probability of its collision with Earth. Fortunately, no planet X not.

The history of the planet X was first introduced in 1995. Came up with her Nancy Lieder, a resident of Wisconsin (USA), during online discussions fans UFOlogy. The forum woman told the story that she had allegedly been abducted by aliens who vshili her head a tiny transmitter to pass through it and the woman all over the world information about the threat of a collision with a planet X.

According to her Planet X will pass near the Earth close enough to break all the natural processes occurring on our planet and certainly will destroy all life on it. According to the rules of the rumors, the story quickly spread across the Internet and in the end came right up to the governments of many countries.

Seeing the growing panic, scientists from the space agency NASA issued a statement that if the planet X really existed, the most powerful telescopes of the Earth would be able to detect it and mankind would be at least several decades to prepare for this major disaster. Issue more topical shirts Doomsday and related products.


Very logical at first glance, crazy theories can really interest you and make you wonder. Others just make you think about the fact that their authors have touched too strong drinks. And most of all, when inventing the so-called doctrine of eternal ice (it. Welteislehre, also known as the doctrine of the "Vel"), the latter scenario seems more likely than the former.

Austrian engineer Hanns Hörbiger in 1913 wrote a publication that in 1918, thanks to Philip Faut grew into a book where the authors make quite insane theory of creation of our solar system. According to this theory, all in the Universe originated as the ice. The very same book is full of mythological stories interspersed with pseudoscience.

Story goes something like this: a long time ago, one very ancient cosmic body that contains a huge amount of frozen water was faced with a giant sverhsolntsem (fiery sphere). As a result of this disaster icy object exploded, releasing an incredible amount of water vapor, which subsequently crystallized and turned into a plurality of blocks of ice scattered throughout the Universe. As you might guess, Hёrbiger believed that the planets in our solar system were originally formed just of these blocks of ice. The author believed that the solar system originally consisted of 30 planets. Next story is even more interesting. According to Hёrbigera, hail falls to the ground is the result of hitting the Earth's atmosphere meteors.

Hёrbiger died in 1931, but it is unlikely he would not be pleased with the fact that his theory was wearing historiosophical character for the Third Reich. And the interesting fact is that Soviet Russia was interpreted as the center of power of the eternal ice as opposed to solar svastichnomu Third Reich.



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