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Sunday, 16 November 2014 19:06
Craters on the Yamal Peninsula for several months excite the imagination of the public. Versions explaining their education, opinions range from the scientific to the downright pretty wild, where the aliens appear, the gravitational super-weapon, or even, sorry, tunnels into the underworld. 10 November for the first time the group of scientists has managed to go down to the bottom of the largest of the three craters, which is located 40 kilometers from the Bovanenkovo gas field. Among the pioneers turned Kizyakov and Alexander, Ph.D., of the department of glaciology Cryolithology and MSU. Will be here soon LAKE - Alexander, what was the objective of your group? - Unlike previous expeditions, we managed to get down. Previously, it was impossible to do, as in the warmer months, there is constantly dripping water and the collapse of the walls of the funnel. And now everything is frozen. We collected a large number of samples of ice and gas, now they should be carefully considered in the laboratory. Furthermore, Geophysics GPR used to determine the direction in which the bowels of the incision goes as far as it is significant in depth and space. It will be necessary to process this data on top of each other and then you can put forward some hypotheses. - They say that the crater depth reaches more than two hundred meters? - It must be some mistake. According to the measurements of a year away from the edge of the crater to the surface of the water was 35 meters. Now, if measured from the edge of the ice at the bottom, the wall height of about 26 meters. For these intermediate numbers can judge how fast the funnel is filled with water (approximately 9 meters for 3 months - Ed.). If water is coming at a pace that by the autumn of next year will turn into a giant crater lake small plunge. - How were going down? They say that the crater is so huge that there can safely land a helicopter. - No, we're going down the ropes, climbing gear used. Descend is not a problem - a few minutes and you are at the bottom. But the rise is somewhat more complicated. And the day had to do it repeatedly. - What you saw at the bottom? - We were on ice with a diameter of about 30 meters. There has caused quite a lot of snow. Around the silence, only the wind howls at the top. Although it is said, in the summer there was quite noisy due to streams of water flowing down the walls of the funnel. However, to enjoy the peace and quiet did not. We had very little time, only day, so they had to work very hard. We finished around 2am (to work in the polar night, scientists brought a spotlight and power - Ed.) Funnels - a distant relative of the Bermuda Triangle? - You have had an opinion about why this hole was formed? - So far the only thing I can say is we are dealing with a natural phenomenon. Activities gas producers will likely be deleted. Respect, we have not found any. Now we have to wait for the results of analyzes. RIA Novosti For the first time scientists have been able to go down to the bottom of a giant crater in Yamal - Before you Bovanenkovskoye crater studied expedition of the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics (IPGG). Its director, Igor El'tsov suggested that Yamal craters is distant relatives of the Bermuda Triangle. In both cases, one works the same effect: at a depth of methane ice melts, the enormous volumes of gas are allocated and there is a "champagne effect". In Yamal he knocked dirt stopper, and in Bermuda because of the "boiling" water sink ships ... - About Bermuda not judge, but the formation of craters on the Yamal Peninsula is clearly linked with some gas-bearing structures. More definitive answer does not exist yet. We spent on the crater floor about a day. Expedition IPGG down did not go down, but worked at the crater week. Neither they nor we have not developed the unique slim version that could answer all the questions. Because with each expedition discovered new and new facts that make re-bind the ends meet. - What's new found, for example, your group? - For example, earlier it was unclear structure of the walls of the funnel. When viewed from the "side" it was impossible to determine whether it is a ground, or ice, or ice in half with the ground. No ice pick in fact earlier this surface is not Dig! Now that we have passed the whole vertical from top to bottom, it became clear that the walls of the crater are composed of solid ice with a small layer of mineral inclusions. And that means exactly we are dealing with a complex reservoir of underground ice. - When will be ready to sample analyzes? - We will now decide what to give their laboratories. Maybe it will even foreign research centers in Germany and Holland. Not sure we get results quickly. But we must have patience. As you can see, to unravel this phenomenon brought about a dozen institutes and research centers of the Far North, Siberia and Moscow. Goes something brainstorming and we century this puzzle will solve.



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