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Saturday, 15 November 2014 07:07

The theory that the Moon landings were falsified by the US government to maintain its leadership in the space race, has recently become very popular. So, here are some of the facts and evidence in favor of the lunar conspiracy.

Curiously, in the recently published fiction film "Interstellar" also theorizes that the mission of "Apollo" was a falsification to entice the Soviet Union to spend huge amounts of money in an attempt to get ahead of the US in this area.
1. Waving flag

Conspiracy theorists point to the fact that when the first landing on the Moon was aired live, viewers saw a waving American flag, set by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. The problem is that the atmosphere of the Moon is no air, which means that there is no wind. NASA representatives voiced denial, claiming that the flag is stored in a thin tube, which caused the visual effect of the ripple on it.

2. No dents

If NASA really drop people on the Moon, the lunar landing module beneath it would form a dent. Videos and photos on this dent is not visible, as if there's just put the module. Moon's surface is covered with a thin layer of lunar dust, which also looks untouched. The lack of impact dents has many explanations. NASA claims that in low-gravity module does not affect the surface like on Earth. The surface of the Moon - a rock solid because dent hardly be formed. In the end, even in the world sat down airplane leaves no holes on a concrete runway.

3. Multiple light sources

On the Moon there is only one strong light source - the Sun. Therefore, we assume that all the shadows should be parallel to each other. But the video and pictures Moon landing clearly show that the shadows are falling apart. Conspiracy theorists believe that it is the presence of multiple light sources, and believe that the pictures were taken in a studio. NASA explains the strange shadows uneven surface of the Moon (the hills and upland). However, as the hills can create such significant differences in the incidence angles of the shadows? In the photo the shadow of the lunar module does not correspond to the shade of the rocks in the foreground - nearly 45 degrees.

4. Van Allen radiation belt

To get to the Moon, the astronauts had to go through the so-called Van Allen radiation belt. The belt is held in the same place by the magnetic field of the earth. The mission of "Apollo" Moon became the first shipment of live people through the belt. Conspiracy theorists claim that the level of radiation astronauts would be burned on the way to the Moon, despite the aluminum coating the inner and outer surfaces of the ship. NASA claims that during the short period of time that is needed to pass through the belt, the person receives only a very small dose of radiation.

5. Unexplained object

Following the publication of the photos Moon landing theorists immediately spotted the mysterious object in the reflection on the helmet of an astronaut mission "Apollo 12". The object looked as if he were hanging on a rope or wire. As a result, there were assumptions about the shooting in the studio. However, the similarity is doubtful, given the poor quality of the photos. But the mystery remains a mystery, because some object still hangs in the air (with or without air) on the Moon. On the lunar module on the other photo there are no objects that could be reflected in the helmet, because this reflection is still unexplained phenomenon.

6. Slow-moving and hidden cables

To prove that the Moon landing was filmed in a studio, conspiracy theorists point to the obvious low gravity conditions, which were simulated by NASA. It has been suggested that if you take pictures with the landing and increase the speed of the film is 2.5 times, the astronauts will move as in normal Earth gravity. As for the impressive height of the jump astronaut, who would not have been committed in the Earth's gravity, it was allegedly made by a hidden cables. On some screenshots you can even see the outline of the alleged hidden cables, though very vague.

7. Lack of stars

Another strong argument in favor of the fact that the landing is a hoax - a complete lack of stars in the photo and video. On the Moon there is no clouds, because the stars are constantly visible and they are much brighter than the way we see them through the filter of the earth's atmosphere. NASA did not specifically comment on this fact, referring to the quality of the photos. Although some still pictures very high, however, and they can not see the stars. It is rather strange, given that you can take pictures with the stars of the earth in a much poorer quality and still see them.

8. The rock with the letter "C"

One of the most famous photos of the Moon landing depicts a rock in the foreground, and on the rock visible embossed on it the letter "C". The letter is absolutely symmetrical and smooth, because its origin is difficult to be attributed to a natural phenomenon. There was an assumption that the rock - it's just a prop, and "C" was used as a marker of some kind. NASA gave conflicting excuses about the letters, on the one hand, saying that it was a joke expert who showed the film and on the other hand, claiming that it is simply a foreign object such as a hair, which fell on the film at the stage of its manifestation.

9. Location crosshairs for optical devices

A camera used by astronauts during the landing on the Moon, there was loads of crosshairs to scale and direction. They are printed on top of all the photos. Some of the images, however, clearly demonstrate that the crosshair is behind the subject in the frame, which gives grounds for thinking that the photos have been edited or tampered with after the shooting. Many objects look like being in front of the crosshairs, including the American flag on one photo and lunar rover on the other. Conspiracy theorists believe that NASA photographed man-made objects on top of real photographs of the lunar surface. Although, if they did plan to create a fake, then why not think about the location of the crosshairs?

10. The same pattern

Two photos of the mission "Apollo 15" are absolutely identical to the background, despite the fact that according to the official information, NASA, they made a good distance from each other. One photo even shows the lunar module. When making these photos, the module has already landed, because how can it be possible that in one photo he is, and the other not? Well, if you are a supporter of conspiracy theories, you deems that NASA simply use the same background when shooting various scenes Moon landing. NASA claims that because the Moon is much smaller than Earth, the objects may appear to be much closer. However, to argue that the two hills in the photos are far away from each other, it would be wrong.



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