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Saturday, 21 June 2014 13:00

Lytkarino town near Moscow and the surrounding green area won deserved fame anomalies. However, locals repudiate all the rumors about unexplained phenomena occurring there punctually. People can understand a little of what the famous quarry Volkusha summer attracts too many Muscovites, trampling beautiful resort town, so why even provoke all-season attendance in the pursuit of wonders! .. Therefore they answer all inquiries about aliens anomaly rather frostily - waving his hand, they say, all this nonsense, tales ...
Meeting with unexplained
Team Fortis also not particularly interested in this area, considering the rumors about her undeserving of attention. However, to maintain the shape necessary sometimes just training trips. That's how we met last summer to look at the Sunken quarry in Lytkarinsky forest that used non-ferrous metals mined BrH1.
Of numerous publications and television coverage of course we know that strange things happen on the left side Lytkarino highway. Parked on the roadside, moved deep into the forest with a metal detector. Ran near our dog without a leash.
started light summer twilight. Nothing, except fuses and fragments was detected. Throwing is an empty exercise, we moved along the path to the center of the quarry - a large round-shaped flat failure, as if surrounded by the natural shape of the shaft, in some places reaching 3-5 meters in height. Twilight became a little deeper. Telling my partner Igor Antonov, team leader Fortis, versions of UFOs, I looked to the left - on the interlocutor, and the edge of the eye saw the dog quietly sniffing something on the ground about ten meters away from him. Igor also looked askance at the dog, which is very sensitive to anomalies, and because his behavior is worth watching. At the same moment, right under our feet flew noisily breathing and stomping downed exactly the same dog! "Lorca! - I cried. - Would link him lost! ". Instantly we both turned your head and ... Laurent found in the same position in the same place. Rapid turn in the direction of motion dog ran allowed to see her silhouette literally melted on the trail that runs along the edge of the shaft. The only thing that both of us could breathe, "Two is not buggy!".
We feel somehow uncomfortable. Dog we saw was very real - heard loud breathing was clearly perceptible breeze billowing from wool, normal color and size for retriever. And yet, Lorca could not run past so quickly and then return to its original place. And there is no doubt that we have seen for a few moments while running Lorca quietly sniffing. If had been running phantom was just such a dog, Lorca certainly had come to him - they are all sociable.
Traces the history of
Going down to the flat lowlands, we remembered a hypothesis to explain the occurrence of anomalies drop large celestial body or a UFO landing. However, neither that visit, nor the following significant changes in radiation and chemical background, as well as fragments and fragments of extraterrestrial origin in the area were found. However, biozond and dowsing rods literally rage! In the square of the forest very much intricately curved and fused trees that are proven by science, are evidence of environmental problems and anomalies energy background.
Twilight deepened, and we all wandered failure quarries. I remembered that a few times provided in this spot for picnics. And always, it was worth a moment to distract from conversations with friends, it became somehow not on itself. Before the mind's eye arose winter twilight with slowly swirling large flakes of snow. Then - picture of a fierce battle in which completely destroyed each other two tribes. And then - fluffy snow covers the ground, stood out the crimson blood. All the same thing happened in the evening, while Igor worked with biozondom and framework, and I - with the pendulum. I remembered that two friends told me about their visions in the local woods - and this vision is fully repeated what he had seen me. What is particularly strange, shared with me memories of people are not only familiar with each other, but also very different: 17-year-old girl, a student, an atheist, and 42-year-old doctor who is interested in spirituality. Both they called the place of the ancient forest Lytkarinsky winter battle ...
The presence of an enormous amount of energy is detected by in some photos with a strong increase in visible areas of transparent whitish mist - it is there where you can see ghosts.
By the way, on internet forums you can find a lot of stories about encounters with ghosts. Moreover, people generally see three types of ghosts: puffy forms burgundy or brown freaks about half the height of a man, ridiculous waddle on short legs; ancient warriors very high Slavic type helmets, chain mail and shields and small whitish gnomes peaked caps. Different people claim that all these ghosts visible eyes, not mental images that creates the vision of so-called "third eye", clairvoyants do not consider themselves actively and provide evidence of its adequacy, arguing that in no other place is nothing like never seen. By the way, motorists traveling on the direct and scenic stretches of highway Lytkarino, has developed its own sign of respect to the gnomes in peaked caps: it is believed that they are particularly well seen at night, if they were whitish shadows run across the road in front of cars and if someone naedet on disembodied shadow - expect great misfortune: most likely, the man will die a relative or friend.
Who hosted on the Road of Death?
But Lytkarinsky highway received sounding name "Road of Death" not because of the dwarves. Now it every hundred meters installed speed bumps, and even five years ago, straight stretch of road with excellent coverage literally provoke drivers to race at high speed, especially at night when few cars. And standing on the roadside numerous monuments to those who died in horrible accidents happening there with frightening regularity. Those who managed to survive, argued that at the time immediately preceding the accident, the girl appeared on the road in a dirty white dress, waving his arms and shouting something. Trying to overtake her, jumped on the oncoming drivers being either in the cell. Several years ago I became interested in statistics of these accidents, I analyzed all available information and found the following: on the road killed a family with children, couples and single men. Women alone, with friends or with children drove this site freely and no miraculous phenomena were observed.
Having decided to find out what is connected with such selectivity Death, I found first conventional legend who died on this road for wedding guests, however, local old-timers, recounting her puckered critically. Finally, I managed to get to the real version of events! Told me her older women with ***, became an unwitting eyewitness of the incident. Nineteen girl on her wedding day she heard from the groom that he loves another, and because the wedding is off. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the bride was pregnant Cancelled bridegroom knew about it, but from all parents hid. The girl sobbed, but the guy was adamant. Then the poor directly in wedding dress slipped out of the house and ran into the woods ... She was found the next day - to hang on the tree.
After some time on the road for the first time appeared in the ghost bride is stained and torn white dress. Ghost who never touched women, unless they were not men, who apparently took revenge on men and even those who imagines himself happy in love. Incidentally, some lytkarintsy told that once on the road crashed the wedding procession, the bride decapitated! Alas, it turned out terrible truth - but the story takes place two years after the suicide of our heroine.
It would seem that a ghost bride revenge - and should calm down. But on the day when we discovered Lytkarinsky anomaly, we were destined to meet with him. Biozond first spotted a sharp jump in energy. Then away and heard at the same time very close to yelling. They sounded as if both inside and outside. Whitish cloud of fog, the club through the woods, suddenly thickened and - in front of us appeared a ghostly woman with a distorted face of rage and pain in a torn, soiled wedding dress.
I tried to tune in to her wave and asked: "What do you want?". "Kill him!" - Immediately arose in the minds of not a voice, but it is the answer, as if lightning flashed thought. Near there was only one man: Igor in no way guilty of the tragedy of the Bride. I replied: "I will not let you do that!". Immediately ghostly hands reached toward me seemed to reach the heart, squeezed it - and was terribly cold. And the sound in mind, "All of them vermin - guys! They must be destroyed, as they destroy us women! We believe them, we love them, we give them all my life and soul! And they are killing us! I will avenge all! ". But I still stood between the Bride and Igor and remembering what taught me well-versed in magic people, distracted her with questions: "What is your name? What's going on here? ". And got the answer: "Natasha. Leave. It is out of the ground. At night it is more than a day! ".
Uneasy conclusions
Of course, all seen in Lytkarinsky forest spodviglo do we close this place. Unable to determine approximately where were the entrances to the quarry. There solid debris, and there is only one place digging which can penetrate into the ground. Vision of the bloody battle of the winter, visiting different people independently, also found an approximate explanation. In the archival materials that reproduce the story of the Byzantine chronicler of the events on the territory of Russia at the end of V-th - beginning of the VI-th century there is mention of two tribes battle for the right to live at the bend of the river scraper. Place on the hill was the most convenient for the construction of fortifications, next-meadows for cattle and good acreage. The battle actually took place in the winter, and it completely killed both tribes, except for a few women, children and the elderly. River scraper Zabolots and left part of the ground much later, and change of topography, which turned the former hill in failure with a flat bottom, explained by natural geological processes and the later developments of active sandstone. However, some experts suggest meteorite or aircraft of extraterrestrial origin. However, so far not a single evidence of this was found. Fortis team leader Igor Antonov decided to share my thoughts with the representative of the scientific world, and this met with the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, associate professor E.N.Kuznetsovym.
Igor Antonov:
- There is an opinion that the processes occurring in the Earth's core, in many respects similar to those occurring on the Sun. Solar prominence flying to the Earth, resulting in deterioration of health of millions of people, to failures in electronics and technology. Then why the energy release from the depths of our planet can not affect the health and psyche of people? Changes in energy background in the forest repeatedly to fix the device. Here and there imagining different people knows that. Assume that the upper layers of the Earth's mantle serve as the screen. In some places the integrity of the shielding layer is broken, causing breakdowns, allowing the energy released in the inner layers of the planet, to seep to the surface. We them know almost nothing, but fortunately, they do not lend themselves, namely seep slowly, creating geopathic zones.
Yevgeny Kuznetsov:
- I do not see anything in your hypothesis unscientific. But at the same time, it is unclear how to check it and what its implications do. But this requires money and, of course, time. If there is a manifestation of human exposure to some place, they can and should fix, gather facts and information. Found, in the end, the scientific explanation of mirages and Fata Morgana bizarre!
There will be a garden city? ..
To check their perceptions of Lytkarinsky geopathic zone, we were coming back repeatedly and brought all sorts of people. Many of them noted that they had to change the settings in the area of, others a headache and jumping blood pressure. At dusk, we ourselves, and participants in the experiment at different times of the year passing in front of us noticed the strange character of the 50-ies of the last century. We saw low mushroom picker with plastic basket of those times, is not the answer to our question, and melted before our eyes. And here is how it describes one of our joint visits geopathic zone in Lytkarino one of the participants of the experiment - Alla:
"Anna and I stayed on the path leading to the quarries. She looked around: Do away from us behind Igor with his equipment? .. And then I heard the crunch of the snow under someone's feet and saw fifteen meters ahead of us, wearing a white jacket and dark trousers. He walked up to us ... "Do you hear?" - I whispered Anna. "Yes," - she said. But before she could turn around, like a stranger ... melted. "
Opinions of different people in many ways proved controversial. One thing is certain: none of the dozens of participants in the experiment who visited us Lytkarinsky forest, did not say that this is a common place and nothing much there is not seen and do not feel ... Meanwhile, we recently learned that on the edge Lytkarinsky geopathic zone will built gated development. Scheduled to begin construction as we were told in the coming season. A good solution, is not it? ..




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