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Saturday, 21 June 2014 12:00

One of the most sinister and at the same time attractive for all adventurers on earth is the legendary "Skeleton Coast". I'm sure many fans of novels about the adventures of pirates read about this place, believing that all writers imagination. However, the "Skeleton Coast" - it is a reality.
Solid surprise
Narrow coastal strip between the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib desert, Namibia owned, a small country in South Africa, got its name is no accident. It is here from ancient times to the present day because of heavy fog and changing currents and treacherous sandy beaches shipwrecked than one hundred ships. Of course, not all sailors died in coastal waters, but even after reaching the shore, they are often met with a painful death from the scorching Sun and lack of food. Right in front of them for tens of kilometers lay only hot sand dunes of the Namib Desert ruthless. The main cause of death is usually getting no water because the sand dunes almost never rains. Even the local mosquitoes feed exclusively on carrion particles brought from the continent, and common in the dunes beetle adapted as moisture use your own sweat. But even if a person had an ample supply of food and water, he could not get out of the desert because of the constantly changing its shape and location of the sand dunes. Changing surface made completely impossible orientation with the card.
Yet here the traveler can only truly feel located on the island of lost ships. Directly in front of him out of the dunes, gradually stretching out into the sea, the majestic skeletons of wrecked ships. Sometimes, when the ship is not breaking on rocks, did not sit stranded and molested peacefully to the shore to wait out bad weather. What was surprising sailors morning when they saw that the ship was cut off from water moving strip of sand, and to be back afloat no opportunity. Sometimes moving sand dunes and carried off all the ship deep in the desert.
Pirate shelter
Not surprisingly, this region "lost treasure" has always attracted many adventurers of all kinds. They say that even the famous pirate Kid stayed near the Skeleton Coast to get away from the pursuing fleets in a tranquil setting to repair his ship, packed full of looted treasures. Local legends say that when he was arrested, it was found that all the jewels mysteriously disappeared. It is believed that the legendary pirate hid them somewhere near the Skeleton Coast. Here the French archaeologist Abbe Breuil, discovered a stone slab on which were stamped the words "Golden Hind" - people Drake. " So Skeleton Coast was once really popular stationed pirates. And how could it be otherwise, when the entire coastal edge of the Namib Desert for more than two thoUSAnd kilometers dotted with huge bones of whales beached, skeletons, bones and crashed ships accidents sailors. Better protect the hidden treasures not even imagine!
Today, as before, the territory of the National Park "Skeleton Coast" is a real Klondike for treasure hunters. With the help of modern technology can not only land safely get directly to the foreshore, but alive and back. Trophies, acquired during such a trip can be quite solid - this pirate treasure, and various gizmos with Sunken ships. Local authorities, apparently to avoid a mass influx of hunters, have limited access to the reserve. Nevertheless, the Russians who are tired of boring holiday on the beaches of Turkey and Egypt, it would be interesting to get to this place. Who knows if it is not marked on the map cross legendary "Treasure Island"?
Going in search of adventure, you have to remember some nuances. "Skeleton Coast" is divided into two parts: north and south. In the southern part of the park can get anyone, but access to the northern part is exclusively licensed organized tour groups accompanied by a representative of the state and only in the afternoon. Stay overnight in the northern part of the "Skeleton Coast" is strictly prohibited. What is the reason such a ban can only guess. That, in general, is not difficult: in this place is a big part of the lost ships and diamond pipes, but because the authorities are seriously worried about unauthorized treasure hunting.
Impressions are guaranteed
To get to the national park "Skeleton Coast" can offer using one of the many Russian tourist companies working with Namibia. To choose from - two ways: by sea on a ship that is extremely dangerous, or by car, for which you must first cross the Namib Desert.
"Skeleton Coast" stretches over two thoUSAnd kilometers from the river Kunene River in the north to the south coast Ugab. Landscape and fauna of the national park is extremely diverse. Endless dunes, mountain ranges and colorful canyons inhabited by large colonies of seals, coastal jackals and hyenas, scavengers that threw sated lions. In rare oases Namib Desert can meet rhinos, zebras and antelopes.
In the first place there must-see desert elephants, the debate about the existence of which there were many years. And, of course, photographed against a dwarf tree whose height is no more than thirty inches, and thickness of the trunk while seldom less than five feet! Stunning photos are on the background of fur seal rookeries Cape Cape Fria. Finally, every tourist in a hurry to capture yourself on a hill Seddl Hill, which offers a beautiful view of the majestic and most ancient desert earth. Here is the only source of three kilometers around the outside which either anchored in the ground pillar decorated with patterned skull and crossbones and the inscription on the iron shield, "Fill the jars."
If you have a desire to walk on the dunes, it is not surprising that some of them sing, speak, or growl. In fact, it is layers of sand, moving, emit sounds frightening, some of which even sound like an airplane taking off.
Search for treasure is not officially forbidden, but you need to look carefully at the sides so as not to attract undue attention of numerous police plying the national park "Skeleton Coast" on camels. Also, do not venture far into the dunes. Where yesterday there was a hill, valley today, which recently was water - stands sandy reef. In any case, visiting "Skeleton Coast" in search of pirate treasure, diamonds, or just for a new experience, no tourist will be disappointed!



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