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Saturday, 21 June 2014 07:35

Most residents of Russian middle-aged and older to a question about what they are most afraid of, do not hesitate to answer - War! Indeed, there is nothing worse exploding shells over the heads of civilians. Having gone through in the last century two world slaughter mankind today as reliably protected from large-scale war. If only she did not come from the outside ... example from space.
Notes in the margins
Recently, Russia's defense minister unexpectedly spent teaching troops aerospace defense. Does not that kind of a strange name for the troops, for which there is a potential enemy? More precisely, it is, but not on Earth, as these units are called to fight with weapons, placed in orbit. At the same time, if for a moment imagine that the Earth will begin aggression other space civilization, these forces are to protect the population of Russia, fully justifying its name. The only question is, how real is this threat? Putting aside UFOlogicheskiye numerous conspiracy theories claiming that the governments of the major countries of the world cooperate with aliens, and look at the obvious facts, it appears that anxiety is not entirely unfounded. The simplest analysis of the most fantastic films will provide an interesting result - earthlings tend to assume a warlike and aggressive alien invaders. The only exceptions are the scientists, astrophysicist with maniacal persistence send messages into space about the Earth and its inhabitants - both on radio and in the form of letters on the spacecraft. At the same time they do not think about the fact that they can get to the epistles militant civilization, which, after reading the text, wants to enslave the planet. The most famous message has been sent to the stars in the distant 1974. Then, during the modernization of the radio telescope in Arecibo crater in the direction of the constellation Hercules was sent to a series of powerful radio signals. More than a thoUSAnd consecutive radio pulses contain coded information about humanity. Long to decide what code to send information, as a result, scientists agreed on the method of frequency modulation. As a result, 16 November 1974 to the stars took message generated sequence of zeros and ones in 1679. Addressee stood constellation Hercules star cluster M-13, it was there, according to project manager Sir Francis Drake, who once appealed to the Chamber of Commerce Center, could be highly extraterrestrial civilization. To the stars left information about the decimal system earthlings atomic weights of chemical elements essential, schematic representation of earthlings formula essential sugars and nucleotides of human DNA, the image of the solar system and the telescope at Arecibo, the scheme of his work and the diameter of the parabola antenna. Despite the fact that a speedy answer was no hope, he still came.
In August 2001, one of England's wheat fields near the radio telescope was discovered huge picture, consisting of just 73 rows by 23 points each. When the painting was photographed from an airplane, doubt remained: it was a copy of the message grapnel, which went to the stars 27 years ago. And the icon on the field not just copied the message to Drake, it has been a fundamental change, it was not a copy, it was the answer. alien civilization was not only able to read the message, but also in a similar manner reported their civilization earthlings, indicating a fairly high level of development. In the first place, as in the earthly message, stood decimal system, the second - the atomic weights of chemical elements, indicating the existence of a biological life. Comparing the fragment two messages, the researchers were surprised to find that they are different ... one item. As for earthlings, for "they" were vital hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus. But add another. New Item - this silicon. Known to many theories proving that biological life may not only be on the basis of carbon-hydrogen, as on Earth, but also on the silicon-hydrogen. Molecular structure in the message was identical to human, only changed the DNA helix itself. Height cosmic being encrypted as in the binary system, was significantly smaller than ours - a total of 140 centimeters. Was specified and the number of unearthly creatures. It turned out that the number of alien civilizations, at least twice as much ours. And finally, the most interesting - the image of planets where intelligent species. Number of objects in the opponent's star system was completely identical to our own solar system. At the same time, if the group reports Drake was allocated one planet system - the habitat of the human species, the response in the same way once marked three planets. A year later came the second message. On the grain field five miles from the first "letter" appeared information circle like a huge CD-drive, and close portrait of the sender. On the field at the head of the people looked strange creature, resembling a lizard with cat eyes. Almost all UFOlogists, actively engaged in the study of extraterrestrial civilizations, had a hand in deciphering the message. And finally, in the autumn of 2002 the first version of "Beware the bearers of false gifts and breaking promises. A lot of pain, but a short time ... (damaged text) ... There's good. We oppose deception. Channel is closed. "
Frighten the aggressor
Can long speculate regarding alien "letters", but one thing is clear: if the first answer to mankind civilization indifferent, the latter may well be aggressive. Also unknown how many civilizations have received a message from Earth. In order to remedy the situation, a group of American activists decided to raise funds to send to the stars information risuyuschuyu earthlings angry, belligerent and hostile force. According to the authors of the project, such a message may deter potential aggressors space. The project's website Your Face in Space collected money that would send a satellite center of the Galaxy, on the outer liner which is a depiction of aggressive men and women, which is located next to the image of a bird, a withering look disc-shaped UFO. Also, according to the authors of the project, the image of nunchaku, guitar, shotgun, ripped jeans, leather vest, helmet and somehow Viking girls in bikinis under the shadow of the American flag should ever discourage warlike civilization space. For emphasis will be placed on the satellite photos earthlings Scorch evil grimaces. If you have a desire to become famous on the galaxy, you can transfer any amount to the organizers, putting a picture of his face, crouched in a wild grimace - it will fly into space, deter potential aggressors.
Ironic drafters not the only ones who are seriously afraid of aliens. Several years ago a book was published in the United States Travis Taylor and Bob Boen with the intriguing title "Introduction to planetary defense." In the book, the authors seriously tell us how to act in case of an attack of aliens, as well as analyze the possibility of reflection from outside attack. And his work is not eminent scientists were sent out, and in the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA. No response was received, but the authors believe that sooner or later their work will be rewarded.
Analyzing the opportunity to counter attack, the authors give a pessimistic work, rightly believing: an alien ship while in the air - he was invincible, so until its landing people better not to provoke aliens and possibly evacuate in inaccessible places. When alien invaders set foot on Earth directly to them to apply the methods of guerrilla warfare.
Welcome to Earth
Today it is difficult to say whether Russia is ready to contact with aliens from other worlds and wonders whether our government is on this topic. At the same time the UN like cooking for a long time already underway! In 1959, was created and successfully works still Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. At the same time, some scientists believe that if there is an international body that regulates the relationship between man and the stranger, conflicts can be avoided. And in 2010 Committee Director Mazlan Othman said that statistically possible extraterrestrial life! This observation is not surprising, as scientists are constantly discovering more and more new planet with conditions close to the earth, in their ecosystems, it is likely there may be intelligent life. In this regard, Othman urged the world community to prepare for a meeting with extraterrestrial beings, for example, to develop a law that regulates the relationship between human and alien. For example, in England, scientists from the Royal Society issued a circular regulating all aspects of relations with extraterrestrial life, believing that this serious issue should be considered in both the scientific and government circles.
Britain is getting ready for the invasion from outer space, and it confirms the former employee of Ministry of Defence Nick Pope, an interview which caused a great resonance. Pope said that previously worked as a researcher of the UFO problem, and his country has a complete set of tools to suppress aggression from space, if any occur. Former military did not specify what that means, said only that their description of fifteen years will carry classified as "top secret".
Professor of paleobiology at Cambridge University, Simon Conway Morris, like many of his colleagues around the world, believes that the aliens who visit Earth could theoretically, be a priori hostile. According to Morris, the aliens are generally identical person, so I just have to have the same passion to the oppression of the newly discovered peoples.
Panic expectations
First panic raised by scientists from the research center SETI, engaged, including listening space for searching for possible radio signals from intelligent beings. At some point, they discovered that the Earth approaching objects are possible extraterrestrial vehicles. Enflame public consciousness information quickly disappeared from the news feeds. However, in many developed countries the government launched a whole company to prepare the population for the landing of aliens. British The Guardian published an article with the shocking title "aliens may destroy humanity." The newspaper provides links to sufficiently competent sources, such as reports by NASA and a number of reports of serious scientists. Conclusions reached by the authors, are not encouraging: if you want the aliens can help us make a technological breakthrough, but can if they want to destroy humanity or use it as food. Interestingly, the very next day in the newspaper there was a rebuttal, but NASA officials said they have no relation to the report of the aliens and the risks associated with them, but osadochek, as they say, was. Distinguished and famous portal WikiLeaks, accommodating a variety of secret documents. His publications have confirmed that there are aliens on Earth scouts and three huge alien spacecraft passed the orbit of the Sun and the Earth move.
Whatever it was, but there is no expansion of the aliens did not happen. Maybe the danger has passed? On this score is difficult to draw conclusions and predictions versions can be set. For example, the governments of the major countries of the world could go into a huddle with the envoys of other planets. But, perhaps the aliens decided that we are not interested in them either as partners or even as food - and flew past. Or maybe everything is just beginning, and we will soon hear on television: "Attention, a special message! On Earth, a spaceship landed another civilization. " How do I know?



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