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In the first half of the twentieth century American writer HP Lovecraft described in his writings race reasonable amphibians, combining the features of a humanoid, fish and frogs. "Deep" by Lovecraft, live in underwater cities have their own science and technology. Sometimes they enter into a relationship with people faileth fish, bring gold from the sea floor and even give birth to offspring overall.
It would seem nothing special - ordinary literary fiction fantasy. However, several decades later, events occurred that made a different perspective on this story.
Ocean Ghosts
In the late 60-ies of the last century in various parts of the North Atlantic hydroacoustics Soviet submarines began to record low-frequency sounds mysterious unknown nature. Sound sources actively maneuvered in close proximity to submarines, often demonstrating unprecedented speed at the time. For the most part sounds like a frog croaking, because sailors wags dubbed them "Quakers", which is not of them had to relax free download trance. They appeared when submarines passed through certain areas, while accompanied by our ships, and then disappeared without a trace.
By 1975, this phenomenon began to acquire a mass character and seriously disturbed the supreme command of the Soviet Navy. It came to the Soviet Defense Minister Marshal Grechko. It was decided to organize a research program "Quaker." When Fleet Intelligence created a special group. Its objective is to study, systematization and analysis of unexplained phenomena in the oceans, which could pose a danger to our ships. The group's activities continued until 1980, after which the program was suddenly collapsed, and all collected materials are classified.
The "Quaker"
Apparently, the naval leadership came to the conclusion that "Quakers" are not part of the American system of DF vessels as previously assumed, and pose no threat to our ships.
Employees Petersburg Branch of the Institute of the Seas, which, along with military experts participated in this program, believe that "Quakers" - beings with a high level of intelligence. In some cases, witnesses the impression that the underwater inhabitants are trying to establish contact with the crew boats. Circling ships changing the frequency and tone signals, though they were invited to the dialogue of our submariners. It is clear that under the conditions of military campaign in the midst of the Cold War, the commander of the Soviet nuclear-powered submarine was not until the establishment of contacts with whom is unclear.
Concluded that "Quakers" - unknown to modern science kind of living beings, could serve as an additional argument for ending the program. Ichthyological surveys were not included in the range of tasks the Navy. Further research into the nature of these creatures inevitably involves extensive involvement of experts from civil research structures. For the Navy Department during the Cold War it was at least burdensome. Where as it is easier to get rid of the problem, burying it under a security classification.
House of Cthulhu
Not only we, but also abroad attended problem mysterious sounds. In March 1966 in the U.S. were tested means far underwater communication. Along the continental shelf paved kilometer antenna. At sea, the ship came equipped with underwater locator. About further developments told one of the participants, Colonel Alex Sanders: "It seems that someone out there in the depths, taking our signal, imitated him in order to attract our attention, and then began to pass their message on the same wavelength." Signal source at a depth of 8000 meters. It was decided to stop the experiment, recognizing his "unfortunate." Subsequently military oceanographers actively investigated in the bottom area of ​​the Atlantic Ocean, where it is suspected source of the mysterious impulses. The results of these works is not known.
To study the phenomenon of underwater signals used sonar tracking American system, which overlaps the Pacific and the Atlantic. Able to establish that "broadcasting" unknown sources spread almost all over the ocean. Sensors located in different parts of the world were fixed frequency waves, resembling the sound of working machinery, and highlighted several varieties of signals, each of which had its own peculiarities.
In the summer of 1997 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration United States several times recorded anomalous low-frequency sound, more reminiscent of the roar or howl. The experts concluded that it belonged to a living creature of gigantic proportions or group of beings who published it simultaneously. Best of all, the location of the sound source is not far from the place where Lovecraft possessed underwater city R'lyeh. In this city, in the midst of the Pacific sleeping giant creature Cthulhu, combining features of an octopus, dragon and human. This creature belongs to the race of the Great Old Ones that lurk in the depths of the ocean or deep underground.
Underwater mind
Area of ​​the world ocean is 71% of the Earth's surface. Who knows what strange shapes could take intelligent life that has developed in most of its depths. Perhaps underwater creatures even somewhat ahead of us. Recall the story of the Babylonian priest Berossus and historian: "In the first year came from the Red Sea, in the place that near Babylon, horrible creature named Oan body, he was all fishy, ​​and head out from under the fish's head, grown another head and likewise human legs grew together with a fish tail. Voice as he was human. Image and now it still persists. This creature days conducted among people without taking any food, and taught people to read and write, and mathematics, and mastery of the art of various kinds, to learn to live in the cities, to establish churches, to establish laws and geometry taught and shown how to collect grains and fruits, and generally learn everything that relates to cultural life. Since then nothing more has not been invented yet. When the Sun is being dived back into the sea, and in the depths of the night pursued. Because it was an amphibian. Later, there were other creatures, such as this, which are described in the royal records. Oan wrote a story about the creation and the state system and gave it to the people. "
As the saying goes - a tale lies, but it hints.
According to one of the veterans of Naval Intelligence, the former head of the information center of the Northern Fleet, Captain I rank retired Smolovskogo Anatolia, in the Main Staff of the Navy has been collected about 15,000 reports of unknown nature sounds recorded by Soviet and Russian sailors. Because this information relates itineraries nuclear submarines, this information is still stored under the secrecy.



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