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Monday, 26 May 2014 11:49

We are accustomed to trust the fact that they say and do smart people in lab coats , which we call scientists. But what if one of them decides to put knowledge and science above all else and finds itself its curious nose where it should not , inadvertently triggering a chain of events that will lead to a catastrophe the world , and even universal scale ? We have collected 5 most dangerous experiments , we are able to arrange the Apocalypse just recently .

5 . Recreating the Big Bang

Big Bang does not give scientists rest. How so - they missed event that triggered all things simply because humanity did not bother to begin to evolve for 13 billion years before!

Conclusion scientists need to make the big bang happen again. They argue that they can dramatize it, really strong pitting several protons. Rather, can already , and successfully create artificial conditions million such collisions per second that 999 999 times more than planned created our Universe.

What could go wrong?

Imagine an apocalyptic nuclear holocaust , multiply 120 billion times , and then once more on the number close to infinity. As a result, we get about 1/8 the power of the Big Bang . Despite this, scientists are confident that they can keep this tremendous strength in a sealed tube . Amendment - a really big tube.

Meet - the Large Hadron Collider , the largest ever built by mankind particle accelerators , launched in September 2008. It is here that the best minds are driven by a 26- kilometer ring of elementary particles colliding with each other , and see what comes out of this .

The main problem is that even the best of the best in the scientific community do not know exactly what will happen as a result of these experiments. Perhaps the most important discovery made ​​thanks to the LHC , will be that it can be used to transform our planet into space dust .

Risk level: 3

Working on the LHC researchers and outside experts unanimously assert that there is no danger , and predict that the results of experiments with it can turn the whole of modern science , we headed straight to the Golden Era of absolute knowledge about life, the Universe and all such things . Of course, if we're lucky , and humanity will survive .

4 . Quantum Zeno effect

For years, scientists have scoured the cosmos in search of strange hypothetical antigravity contraption , which they call " dark energy." And even in this case achieved some success ... although perhaps tsennoyu our poor souls .

Quantum physics in comparison with classic looks just like a David Lynch film in comparison with mainstream blockbuster. It's full of particles, which then exist, do not exist or exist in two places at once , and generally behave shamelessly . Greatly simplified if , at the level of less than the size of atoms at the quantum level , our whole Universe turns ... in any circus.

But the most important thing of all - the quantum Zeno effect , the theory asserts that just watching the particles , we modify them (or rather, change the level at which they decay ) . How? No one knows.

What could go wrong?

One honored scientist, Professor Lawrence Krauss, theorized that the changes caused by the simple observation of dark energy may trigger its collapse which result in taking with him the entire Universe. Other scientists , evidently wishing to test this hypothesis, double perseverance began to observe dark energy.

How long do we have left?

Professor Krauss believes that the result is not far off , especially given the fact that in the late '90s , when scientists lucky enough to detect dark energy , they just watched a series of supernova explosions. So it is quite possible that the only fact of observing the Universe , we will make it burst like a soap bubble . Or not burst. When it comes to quantum physics , as always , no one can say for sure.

Risk level: 3

This , of course, can not be , even though about it and said one of the most famous physicists in the world, has published an extensive list of articles and books on the subject . Incidentally, one of them is called " Physics " star Trek . '" So we calmly think he just licked the idea from one of the scenarios " Next Generation ."

Number 3 . strange matter

As you know , in the scientific world a lot of different stuff unexplained . This happens because most of the fundamental theories about our reality is built on mathematical calculations rather than on observations . So many things exist only in theory, but we can never see them. One scientist even suggested that if we did see with their own eyes , most likely the rest of our lives we have spent yelling without stopping. Okay, it was not a scientist , and Howard Phillips Lovecraft , but still.

In any case, strange matter - just one of those things . This hypothetical substance composed of quarks - the particles that are the building blocks of reality. Remember the mythical King Midas , who had the ability to turn everything he touched into gold ? Strange matter does the same thing .

What could go wrong?

There are two hypotheses about the strange matter . The first believes that this thing will just disappear in a fraction of a second after appear. The second argues that it will stabilize and begin to turn every atom , which comes in contact , in the same strange matter .

There are suggestions that somewhere on the Universe , there are entire star composed of strange matter only because the microscopic dose of the substance came into contact with the substance stars, and everything went to pieces.

Now imagine at least theoretically , that 'll do strange matter , if there was in the world. And - in theory ! - It will be stable enough to react with normal matter . Then theoretically ... we all die a very unpleasant death.

How long do we have left?

Luckily for us , strange matter can only occur as a result of high-energy collisions of elementary particles , so there is no danger at all. Although wait, we already have ...

Large Hadron Collider ! After all, when scientists built the LHC , they hoped ponaotkryvat set all different , colliding atoms in a huge underground tunnel , and strange matter just from this list .

Risk Level : 5

On the question of the problem of strange matter , scientists usually respond that " if something could happen , it would've happened ." But only because they believe - if something does happen , nobody left to ask from them .

Number 2 . Time travel

There are hundreds of stories about time travel , and almost every place has disastrous consequences of careless handling of the law of caUSAlity . Although most physicists believe that time travel is impossible in principle , and that the very existence of the Universe proves it. Yes, and think of themselves - even if in the future and invent time travel , why did none of these inventors does not appear in our time ? Since we would have noticed a huge flying train, right?

Of course , there is plenty of ways that the Universe will punish us for neglecting the most fundamental law of cause-effect . The most modest thoughts on this : the world , at least, explodes or collapses into a singularity . As a maximum - all disappear without a trace.

But we propose to consider more humane to our Being chronological scenario of collapse. In the distant future , when the stars burn out , and the world will descend from their eternal orbits , the descendants of humanity will be on the verge of extinction , and if they have access to a time machine , chances are they will say, " What the hell ? " And go back in time to return to a more comfortable point of history.

Influx of refugees from the future into the present will only increase , because to the extent that , as time will again come to the end of all, people again will be sent to our present, and so on to infinity . It would seem that where does the Large Hadron Collider ? ..

How long do we have left?

Again he ? Yes, again. By the dozen ways to put an end to the Universe with the LHC and add more time travel. Although so far none of the scientists seriously developed a way of time travel , but then accidentally discovered penicillin .

One of the assumptions that held in the LHC high energy particle collisions can open a wormhole in the fabric of the Universe , that future generations will learn to manipulate the purpose of time travel.

Risk Level : 7

You are probably thinking : " If we had a time machine , and we have learned that a time machine could destroy the Universe , then you need just something to go back and destroy the device ! Easily! " But in this case , if you destroy the time machine in the past, how do you take a time machine in the future , because in that case ... No, wait . Better not continue .

Number 1. Nanotechnology

Modern technologies revolve around having to do more and more complex devices smaller and smaller sizes. So nanotechnology, allowing to build robots the size of a molecule - just what you need .

What good is it ? Imagine millions of microscopic machines through the blood vessels of the patient is sent to attack the malignant tumor or hunt for the AIDS virus with tiny lasers. Or tiny droids cleaning our rivers from pollution . Or invisible to the eye such as robot builders capable in an instant , molecule by molecule , to construct a building .

But besides fantastic prospects , there are problems. For example, how are you going to build a number of microscopic machines ? The answer is simple - it is necessary to teach them to reproduce themselves from scrap materials environment.

What could go wrong?

The problem with nanobots that they can be the same terminators , but at the cellular level , suddenly completely exterminate organic life . Kim Eric Drexler , one of the founding fathers of the whole concept of nanotechnology, offered several options Nanosudnogo chilling day. For example, a scenario known as the " gray goo problem ", self-replicating robots absorb all available material on the planet , and along with the Earth itself . What remains in the end , will be a gray mass of nanobots , drifting in space.

How long do we have left?

Scientists happily report that we have at its disposal a swarm of invisible killer robots in the next 20 years. Currently they are working on a " producer" - the sort of " Queen nanobots" that can produce trillions of tiny machines and manage them.



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