The thickest woman in the world

Pauline Potter (still there is a variant of Pauline Potter, which is wrong) became famous when she herself contacted the Guinness Book of Records and reported her weight. This was not done at all from a good life. It's just that Pauline's life became unbearable, and she could not cope with the problem herself. Only a flurry of criticism from readers prompted her to deal with the problem of losing weight.

Now she is 47 years old and weighs 330 kilograms. The thickest woman in the world needs outside assistance to get dressed, take a shower and go outside. In this it helps son Dillon, who is now 19 years old. He became her official guardian and took care of her.

But one should not think that personal happiness has passed by. Such fat people also manage to find couples. Pauline has a loving husband, Alex, 46 years old. Its weight is quite normal - 63 kilograms. Although there was a divorce in the history of their life, everything is now getting better again.

They met in 2002 by chance. The woman mistook the email address. Correspondence began. Pauline survived a lot of hard moments after she sent Alex a photograph. She was afraid that the sight of a 200 kilogram woman would scare him off. But the excitement was in vain - a few hours later came the answer with an explanation in love.

Divorce and the return of her husband
In 2005 Paulin and Alex officially became husband and wife. They lived 3 years in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. But Pauline could not get along with the adult son of Alex Sherman and herself filed for divorce, after returning with Dylan to the city of Sacramento, California.

After the divorce, Pauline's life turned into a continuous dinner - so she silenced her experiences. Her diet brought every day more than 10,000 kilocalories, with an average rate of 2000. That is, she ate five adults. At this time, Alex tried to find solace in the arms of other, more slender, women.

He did not remember his former wife until he read about it in the Book of Records. He decided to return and become her lover again, if not her husband. In his recollections, he missed their old sexual life and was ready to do anything to return to the past, even for a moment.

"She is the best woman I've ever shared a bed with. We can make love several times a day - and it will not bore us. There is always the opportunity to find a pose to give pleasure to herself and herself. "- says Pauline's husband.

After reaching a weight of 330 kilograms, she could not move independently and serve herself, even in small things, up to using the toilet. She is helped by her son Dillon, who supports her when walking.

On his own, Pauline can do 5-6 steps.

It can not be said that Pauline dropped her hands. Three times a week, she goes to the pool and is engaged in exercise therapy. According to her, the greatest torment delivers the appearance of fragile girls in a bikini surrounding her at a time when a special crane submerges her into the water.

She has a solid goal - to lose weight by 90 kilograms and give birth to a girl. In achieving this goal, she is actively assisted by the returned husband, with whom she is again in an official marriage. With his help, she reduced her menu, although it terrifies a normal person, but to maintain life in such a huge body is minimally possible.
The diet of Pauline Potter
Pauline breakfasts several portions of muesli and toast with butter, after a few hours he eats a box of cream crackers with peanut butter, half a box of cookies, drinks a large glass of milk and for dessert - half a watermelon.

Lunch consists of Mexican burritos (corn tortillas with a meat filling, like shawarma), or Big Mac, ten chicken nuggets (fast food product consisting of chicken, offal and food additives), a large portion of fried potatoes and a sweet drink.

The snack consists of chips, cheese, coffee mugs.

For dinner, Pauline uses two servings of spaghetti with meatballs, a loaf of white bread.

In breaks Pauline indulges in biscuits, sweets and ice cream.

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