Overweight is the fifth most important risk factor for death by world indicators

More than 2.5 million people die of obesity every year. 45% of cases of diabetes, 23% of diseases of the cardiovascular system - all these indicators among people with excess weight.

Overweight and obesity
The main reason for excess weight is the excess of calories consumed over the calories consumed. Now people are much more likely to eat high-calorie and fatty foods, and pay little attention to useful and vitamin-containing foods.

The level of physical activity decreases, this is due to fixed work, growing urbanization. People have long stopped walking.

Obesity syndrome
Obesity in the world is an acute issue, since people with obesity automatically fall into the risk group. These are diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Often in countries of the third world, children are fed from birth incorrectly. Cheap foods high in fat and sugars slow the child's metabolism. As a result, there is childhood obesity, which in 90% of cases is transformed into an adult. Therefore for us the problem of obesity in the world becomes very important.

Statistics of obesity
Obesity in the world is not just a myth, it is a real problem that needs to be addressed. WHO is seriously concerned with this issue (they have developed the obesity index). She carried out research and here is what figures she leads:

• More than 1.5 billion people aged 20 and over are currently overweight.

On a note:
• Of these, 200 million men and 300 million women are obese, that is, every tenth.

• 40 million children under the age of five suffer from obesity. The most widespread child obesity is in developing countries.

Obesity in the USA
At the moment, 35 percent of Americans suffer from obesity and over 45 percent are overweight. America has long been a leader in obesity in the world. First of all, it is related to the popularity of fast food in the US.

Such a high prevalence they received in the 80's. It was from this moment on that the epidemic of obesity in the United States began. In America at the moment there are many social programs to combat obesity. This problem has already caused the depression of many people. Now the number of patients suffering from obesity remains stable, does not grow and does not fall.

Many Americans accuse the food industry of such a massive "weighting". The steel products are not only fatter, but also chemically modified. Absolutely unnatural composition of food prevents them to be properly absorbed in the human body. This leads to a slowing of metabolism and weight gain. Motionless lifestyle, automation of all processes, and here calories cease to be spent at the proper level. We see the result ourselves.

Obesity in Russia
This issue for our country is as important as the whole issue of obesity in the world. The reason for our population's obesity is in ineradicable eating habits. We are used to refueling with fatty sauces, drinking tea with biscuits and making one huge meal of the day. In addition, the physical activity of the population has significantly decreased in recent years. Excess calories are not wasted, fat is delayed - obesity begins.

Day of struggle with obesity
Obesity in the world is just as important a problem as oncological diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc. This is the real scourge of our time. Therefore, every year on May 21 in Russia is the day of fighting obesity. Seminars and blitz lectures are conducted, teaching proper nutrition, billboards are distributed. People should be aware of the existing problem, and not turn away from it.

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