World statistics of obesity in children and adults

Over the past 35 years, the number of obese patients has doubled. And over the past 10 years - has grown by 75%. If in 2003 according to WHO symptoms of obesity on our planet, to some extent, affected about 1.7 billion of adult residents, then the medical statistics of 2014 announced a new figure - more than 1.9 billion adults on Earth have extra pounds. The latest data show that out of 13% of citizens of all countries that are already 18 years old are obese, and another 39% are threatened to get it soon if they do not get rid of their excess weight.

The life of a person who has obesity on his face breaks off on average 10 years earlier, in comparison with those lucky ones whose weight is ideal. In the world in 2002, chronic diseases caused by excess kilograms, more than 115 million earthlings, were ill. In the same year, 2.5 million of them died. Out of them, 280 thousand died in the United States, 320 thousand in Europe. Obesity is a disease not only of economically well-developed countries, such as the USA, Canada, Germany.

They breathe into the back of the head, and sometimes even strive to overtake, more backward in relation to the socioeconomic and demographic situation of the state, for example, Mexico, Syria, Libya. The leading position in the world ranking for the number of fatties is in the USA, where 34% of the adult population have a pre-obese with a BMI up to 29.9 units, and another 27% have severe symptoms of the disease, having a BMI of 30 units or more. According to the forecast of physicians by 2025 on the planet will need to treat obesity half of all the fair sex and about 40% - strong. Russia's statistics on obesity is not consoling either, because our country, according to WHO, is the 4th largest in terms of the number of patients in the world.

World statistics of obesity in children. The increase in obese patients among minors is a step-by-step approach. If in 1970 it was only 0.2% per year, by the beginning of this millennium the number of small patients increased by 2% per year, i.e. The gain increased 10 times. At the beginning of this century, WHO spoke of overweight in 22 million children under 5 years of age. The data of the medical statistics of 2013 testify to the extra kilograms of 42 million preschool children up to 5 years old. In the United States every fifth child, according to the data published by the National Center for Health Statistics, has either obesity or his appearance. A quarter of adolescents from well-to-do economically developed countries are overweight because of the hobby of a computer provoking hypodynamia and regular snacks with fast food, and 15% are one of the obesity levels.

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