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The international surfing championship 2017 will be held in Wanning, Hainan, China from 10 to 17 December 2017, sponsored by the government of Wanning City, organized by the World Surfing Committee, will be held in Wanning Sun Moon Bay. Competitions include world championships for surfing men and women, surfing championship among Asian Cup and surfing tournament in China (Mannings Station). Among them, the World Championship in professional surfing among men and women is the last leg of the World Surfing Alliance Tour and the highest level to attract the best surfers from around the world. During the championship, free training sessions in surfing, beach yoga, outdoor sports events and other activities will also be held in Wanning. According to the rules of the competition, the participants of the championship in Wanning will be divided into the following disciplines: short board, longboard, and SAP. In one race there will be two or four surfers, the duration of each arrival is no more than 25 minutes. The judges of the championship in Wanning will assess the quality of the wave and the technical performance of the tricks by surfers in general, the final score will be set for the two best waves from each surfer. The first pair of surfers who received the highest score in each discipline goes to the finals, where they compete for the title of world champion, the cash prize and the main prize from sponsors.

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