Drinking diet for a month

The effectiveness of drinking diets is undeniable. Refusing solid food, a person can easily lose up to 15 kg per month. Of course, such a sharp weight loss is difficult to call safe. However, with a reasonable approach to the formulation of the diet, you will not only make the silhouette more harmonious, but also improve the body at the cellular level, saturate it with oxygen and nutrients, stimulate metabolism and adjust the water-salt balance. To eat on such a diet for a month can not only be varied, but also delicious.


It will be necessary to completely abandon the solid products, overcoming the temptation to eat a piece of bread or eat a caramel.
In addition to liquid food, you need to drink 2 liters of liquid - water, teas, compotes.
It is necessary to reduce the level of physical activity, since losing weight by this technique is often accompanied by weakness and dizziness.
Additionally, take vitamin-mineral complexes, as the drinking diet is not abound with proteins and some types of vitamins.
The maximum period of drinking weight loss is a month. Extend it to improve the result is not recommended!

In order to ensure that the food is as varied and balanced as possible, every day of the week is dedicated to one product. It's something you need to use during the day, without getting lost from the chosen course. This circle must be repeated 4 times.

Monday is a protein day. We drink a variety of dairy products without sugar and additives: milk, yogurt, ryazhenka, etc.
Tuesday - vegetable. Cook soup and interrupt all the ingredients in the blender to the consistency of yogurt. The resulting substance should not be very thick. As a basis, you can take any vegetables, except potatoes.
Wednesday - fruit-berry-vegetable. We dedicate this day to various juices and fruit drinks. It is advisable to drink freshly squeezed mixes and fruit drinks, ignoring the purchased packaged options. It is recommended to make juice from several components.
Thursday - compote. We cook this drink from any berries, fruits and dried fruits. If you want to eat the berries themselves, then do not forget to pre-let them through the blender.
Friday is a hosel. We cook any kiseli: dairy, fruit and berry. We enjoy a variety of tastes!
Saturday is oatmeal. We make a jelly on the basis of oatmeal.
Sunday - choose the menu of any of the previous days or come up with a mixed option based on a weekly diet.
The hardest of all is given to the first 10 days of such nutrition. If a fit of hunger seems unbearable, warm tea or coffee with cream will help dull it. Exit from a drinking diet is a separate topic for conversation. Return to the usual diet should be very slow. It is optimal if this stage takes you 2-3 more months. By the way, this approach will consolidate the achieved results and allow you to lose a couple more extra pounds. Gradually add to the diet new products, starting with liquid soups, purees and cereals. After a week of output, add omelet, casseroles and cottage cheese to the menu. Slowly introduce vegetables and fruits. We leave lasting harmful food. It is better to refuse it altogether - this is the best way to affect both health and figure.

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