Top 10 incredible stories of losing weight

One of the most important problems that cares modern people is weight loss. There is an immense number of ways to lose weight: from the most simple and "free" to the most heaped up and worth a lot of money. Here, as they say, everything depends on your abilities and, most importantly, motivation for losing weight. How to properly motivate yourself to lose weight, and what you need to do for this? Here are 10 absolutely real stories from the winners.

1. Penny N. Lost 36 kg, focusing on her inner world

It's hard to believe that the girl on the right once did not want to look at herself in a full-length mirror. She recalls: "When I started to lose weight, I hid the scales and removed the growth mirror far away. This trick I saw in the book of Henry Rollins "Iron." This gave rise to not dwell on numbers, but to think about how I feel in this body. " For 4 years, she dropped about 36 kg.

2. Jason Nelson: One Thought, One Exercise

In his 42 years, Nelson sent all his thoughts into one single channel. He decided that his ideal exercise should be running. Every morning a man ran for 5 kilometers, and as a result of his enviable tenacity was rewarded. For that landmark year, he dropped 33 kilograms.

3. Set a clear goal and make every effort

This girl is Asha Hussein, and she is 30 years old. When she first began to train, she felt terribly insecure. But, as she said, it is worth starting, and you are drawn in. Then you just need to motivate yourself and calm down in difficult moments, that the only thing you need now is "to continue the fight and move on."

4. Look what you eat, and count calories

It has become already well known that people who want to lose weight need to critically examine their diet and closely monitor the quantity and quality of food consumed. "This very quickly made me understand how I ate before" - recalls 25-year-old Jasmine Fedor, whose attention to the products helped her lose 22 kilograms in 4 years.

5. No sugar and simple carbohydrates!

Mandatory conditions for weight loss - complete or partial rejection of white sugar. Kelly Crosby also resorted to this rule and reduced sugar in the diet. A simple trick helped her to drop a little over six months on 26 kilograms. Moreover, this habit is not so difficult to introduce into your diet. And sometimes on weekends you can make indulgences.

6. That's what happens if you isolate yourself from confectionery

Sweets, cakes and cakes are loved by everyone. However, all this sweet splendor is so easily deposited on the sides. Dan in his 21 knows this firsthand. Once he decided to pull himself together and completely eliminated all the sweets from the diet. Instead, he switched to low-fat yogurt and fruit. The result is obvious: for the year minus 27 kilograms.

7. Letter to yourself

"If you lack motivation in life, try writing yourself a letter. Describe in it what you want to see in the end, and why do you need all this. It works, "says Sary Bronisch, who lost weight by 43 pounds in 18 months.

8. Do not take the training as a simple game, take it as your favorite game

Nadia J. in her 27 was always afraid of going to the gym and therefore decided to buy for herself a game that would not cause feelings of coercion. Zumba became her hobby and allowed to move on. For 3 years, she lost nearly 70 kilograms, simply setting dance records at a new level.

9. Walking is just a golden way to lose weight

"Walk more as soon as you can!" - share the experience of Michelle M. Once her weight was around 180. Of course, she not only walked on foot, but also attended zumba courses, a gym. Anyway, she lost half her weight and is now happy with herself and with her life!

10. Curb the passion for fast food

Almost everyone wishing to lose weight people crazy like fast food. It is used for food when there is no time or desire to cook a full meal, and completely forget how harmful its effect on the body. Rogelio Orosso now weighs 27 kilograms less due to the rejection of a bad habit.


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