Weight loss story at 12 kg

Slenderness is a way of life. We all want to be slim, beautiful and healthy. This is a normal desire of every person. As soon as there is excess weight, immediately begin to have health problems, all kinds of complexes about the appearance.

And the wardrobe to pick up is problematic. It's been 5 years since I've been struggling with being overweight. And everything began, as it often happens, after pregnancy and childbirth.

As it is not noticeably typed from somewhere that took 20 kg. If you are determined to get rid of hated kilograms, first of all you need to start with a review of your lifestyle, diet and self-esteem.

Sitting on a diet, you will achieve a temporary result, returning to the old, habitual way of eating, the weight will quickly return back, taking with them even more. So our body is arranged.

Sharp weight loss also does not bring anything good. So I completely revised my whole diet. Having written out on the piece of paper a list of products that I used in everyday life, I deleted all harmful and high-calorie foods and, if possible, replaced them with useful, low-calorie foods. So I replaced sugar for honey, and white bread for black with bran.

Pasta is only from wholemeal flour, potatoes only in boiled form. Butter in limited quantities (in pasta or potatoes). Milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir with a low percentage of fat. All fried - on stewed or boiled. Sweet and flour in a small amount, twice a week and only for breakfast.

Necessarily for breakfast began to prepare different cereals. All vegetables for soup and borsch in fresh, not fried. Last easy meal 17-00. Add here the physical exercises: riding half an hour a day on a bicycle and walking on foot (for more I was missing).

The result did not take long.

Weight slowly, but confidently crawled to the bottom. For 6 months it took 8 kg, the body was used to healthy food and my appetite was noticeably diminished. Over time, I noticed that if I do not have time to eat up to five, then I go around in the evening with fruit or yogurt. That's where I made my discovery.

If you eat twice a day and the last meal not later than 15 hours, and instead of dinner fruit or kefir, the weight goes much faster. For a month it took 4 kg. Firstly at nine o'clock I ate an apple or pear, then the body got used to eating and after 15 hours I did not feel like eating.

With all that, I drank 1.5 - 2 liters of water a day. More I did not master, at all desire. Result: in 7 months my weight fell by 12 kg. I will not say that for me it was too hard 7 months. Such food became for me habitual, I felt much better, I changed the wardrobe, there was lightness in the whole body.

Everyone should choose for himself his own way of eating, his hours of eating by trial and error.

You can not choose for all the same method of losing weight.
The organism at all different and perceives this or that food on a miscellaneous. But one rule for everyone should always be observed: do not overeat, do not eat after 18-00, do not use harmful to the body products.

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