Weight loss of 10 kg in 2 weeks

Perhaps someone my story of losing weight will seem boring or banal, because I lost weight only once, resolutely and clearly setting a goal to lose those extra pounds. And it was like it's not funny right now, after the summer holidays in 9th grade and I lost 10 kg in just 15 days.

In the summer, I always rested with my grandmother in the village. Three months of bliss, fresh air and food on schedule. In the morning pasta with butter and fatty piece of meat, soup borscht or soup roasted on bacon for the second, some porridge with gravy and meat for the second, a snack - a strawberry with sour cream and cookies, for dinner some dumplings-vareniki.

In addition to everything - a must-have circle of fresh milk. And not a single meal was allowed to miss. If I or the younger brothers refused to eat, then sat at the table until they had eaten everything up to the last crumb.

I've never been fat. Girl, I'm pretty tall and thin. At growth of 175 sm weighed something about 45-47 kg a maximum. And so, with such nutrition for three months in a row, upon returning home, I found out that not one of my things bought earlier had converged on me.

Imagine the shock of my mother, who, during my absence, already bought me things for grade 10, based on my past dimensions. And here I am with my 55 kg! When my friends saw me, they were amazed. My stomach did not hang, I did not have thick sides, it was all very compact, but out of place.

Plus, I have cheeks! Not cheeks, but cheeks. Comparing my photos before and after, I was horrified. And I decided not to put it off for a long time, to do myself. There were two weeks to school, so there was a time left.

My mother spent her whole life on diets. So for a start, I decided to rummage through her notes. At first I did not find anything sensible. Diet by blood group (which at that time I did not even know), a diet with calorie counting, etc.

It was necessary something easier and more effective. At last I found what was right for me, as I counted. Diet on buckwheat and kefir. I really like buckwheat porridge and I do not like yogurt very much. But something has to be sacrificed.

Buckwheat every evening it was necessary to pour boiling water from the proportions of 1: 2 (a glass of buckwheat two cups of boiling water) and wrapped in a towel. Until the morning buckwheat completely absorbed water and became like a boiled one.

There is such a buckwheat needed as many times a day as you feel hungry. At the same time to wash down buckwheat it was necessary to low-fat 1% kefir. I want to note that it was only the first time that I was delicious. All the other times I pushed this "dish" with a feeling of disgust. But the goal is the goal!

Five days later, when all this was already boring (and there was already a minus 3 kg on the scales), I decided to add something more tasty to my diet, but harmless for the figure. Has stopped on a chicken breast and green vegetables-fruit.

As I learned from the newspaper article, it is the green products that contain a lot of fat-burning elements. I started eating green apples, peppers, cabbage, cucumbers. I did not eat only green pears, they are very "heavy" for the stomach.

I ate about 12-15 days. At first I decided to try on old things. AND! About a miracle! I'm in them again! Then came the time to stand on the scales. When I saw my minus 10 kg, I like a mountain "from the cheek" fell.

I'm back in shape!

By the way, during the diet, every morning I was engaged in running for 20-30 minutes. And the most basic: drink more fluid, make the process of metabolism not slow down.

Since then, 14 years have passed, I have two beautiful daughters. And not a single extra kilogram anywhere! If there are hints of extra 500 grams somewhere on the cheeks, I immediately cook buckwheat and choke the fridge with low-fat kefir. By the way, sneakers also always stand in the corridor in a place of honor!

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