Losing weight during lactation

The birth of a child is the most wonderful moment in a mother's life, when after nine months of waiting she finally meets her treasure! But everything bright and wonderful, associated with the birth of a baby, unfortunately, overshadows the reflection in the mirror.

For me, the postpartum period was a blow to the figure. And, on the advice of my mother, I ate a lot and nutritionally to maintain lactation and improve the quality of milk.

The husband first sounded the alarm. He paused for 5 months, and then asked me to pay attention to the figure. I studied a bunch of scientific and not very literature, reviewed a huge number of sites for weight loss.

As a result, I made up my diet and a set of exercises that would allow me to tidy up my stout body.

1. Eat everything, but little by little. So I replaced large plates with small ones and began eating exactly as much as they fit in.

2. Has changed a food on less high-calorie. It turned out that the calorie intake does not affect the quality of breast milk. I began to eat more vegetables, fruits, which did not cause allergies in the child, refused candy and baking. This turned out to be the most difficult test for me. I won the craving for sweets by replacing sweets with dried fruits and berries. But here you have to be careful, since the berry can cause allergies in the baby!

3. Another effective way to lose weight fast was the use for lunch and dinner of the food that your baby eats. That is, if you have a vegetable soup for dinner at your child, then boil it more, so that you have enough. The child's food is usually not high-calorie, full of vitamins. Dishes for the baby, I cooked without salt and not frying. After such a dinner, you can pamper yourself with one sweet tea or cocoa.

As the baby's diet gradually expands, your food will also become more diverse and will allow you to return to normal nutrition without gaining extra pounds. But do not forget about meat, fish and sour-milk products, which are introduced into the baby's diet much later! Nursing mother such products are necessary!

4. Use at least 8 glasses of clean water a day. This helped me take the slag out of the body, and also reduce the amount of food consumed.

5. The best assistant in losing weight is green tea. This truly useful drink is useful not only for losing weight, but for improving the quality of breast milk. A warm drink is the best way to increase the amount of milk.

Following my advice, you will return not only your old form, but also make it even better. So it happened to me! I became slimmer than I was before pregnancy!

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