The history of successful weight loss of 8.5 kg on the Japanese diet

The main provisions of the diet are simple. Sitting on it can only be 13 days and not more than once a year, so at least advise the doctors, because it is quite tough and there are strict restrictions, so for the body this is a great stress, just like any other diet.
Lose weight is recommended in spring, closer to summer, because there are fruits and young vegetables of a new crop, they contain enough vitamins and minerals that will support your body during the diet. If you decide to throw off a couple of kilograms before the summer, that is, in the early spring or winter, try to choose a diet that will not limit the consumption of the elements necessary for the organism, otherwise the discarded kilograms will turn into harm.
How I lost weight on the Japanese diet
I was tempted by the fact that in 13 days it will take at least 10 cm in volume and it is possible to lose about 5-7 kg (so at least promised to advertise the Japanese diet), besides the products were simple and easily accessible, this is also an important aspect. For 13 days you can not eat sugar, salt, flour and alcoholic beverages, the only indulgence (for me, I can not live without sweet), was that it was allowed to add honey to tea and coffee.
For example, on the first day for breakfast there is one coffee without sugar, lunch consists of 2 boiled eggs, salad from boiled cabbage with sunflower oil and a glass of tomato juice, dinner provides a piece of fried or boiled fish.
In general, for 13 days I ate only fruits, cabbage, carrots, zucchini, some beef, a pair of fish, kefir, boiled chicken, some cheese and eggs.
I'm shocked, the result I lost weight on the Japanese diet of 8.5 kg
Of course, I did not expect this. In the thighs I lost 13 cm, at the waist 16, the chest girth decreased by 8 cm, in kilograms it took almost 8.5 kg. So look yourself.
The only minus of this weight loss, when you start eating normal food with salt, some of the volume, unfortunately, comes back. Her husband had practically no results, because he could not stand all 13 days of starving, and only then admitted that he was losing weight with me at home, eating at work.
I think that if I was doing sports, I would do simple home exercises (such as swinging the press, pushing up, twisting the hulaohup) and then the result would be even better.
Therefore, in order for the diet to be effective, you need not only to limit yourself in eating, but also to engage in your body in parallel, and after the end of the weight loss course, it is worth continuing to eat and exercise properly to support the result.
I heard that if you do something for 21 days, then the body gets used to it, that is, you should only try 3 weeks to lead a healthy lifestyle and the body will get used to it so much that without morning exercises or jogging you will feel sick and tired. Successful weight loss.

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