Personal history of losing weight as I dropped 11 kg

For days on end I starved myself, drank various teas for weight loss, did various masks, massages and wraps, but nothing helped.
This period of struggle against excess weight lasted only one month. The body simply could not stand this "torture" and began to malfunction. For two weeks, four fainting occurred, called an ambulance four times, injected various drugs and put drippers. The body simply stopped eating. Even from tea, I began to feel sick.
The whole next month, doctors again taught me to eat and drink. And any stasis was cleaned by washing the stomach. Together with the stomach, I was brainwashed. I began to eat normally, but the extra weight still did not bother me.
My method
And then I found a way out - proper nutrition and exercise. In general, I started to lead a healthy lifestyle. Every morning, I did not start with a cup of coffee, as before, but with jogging, contrasting showers and oatmeal. I made my diet and exercise independently, based on scientific research and advice from doctors, and not on model diets.
The approximate order of the day was as follows: 6.00 - lifting, then charging, warming up of joints and running (from four to six kilometers), then a contrast shower; 9.00 - first breakfast (always porridge and fresh); 12.00 - second breakfast (vegetable salad, tea or coffee without sugar);
15.00 - lunch (soup, garnish and salad); 16-17.00 - classes in the gym; 18.00 - dinner (anything but sweet); 21.00 - if I really wanted to eat, I drank a glass of yogurt with an apple or a banana; 23.00 - took a contrast shower; 23.30 - went to bed.
I ate everything, just counted calories. To do this, I used two formulas: the first one allows you to use no more than 24kcal per day for one kilogram of weight (that is, at a weight of 50 kilograms per day I had to use 1200kcal (24x50 = 1200).
Another formula took into account not only weight, but also age, gender, special coefficient of use by the body, as well as the amount of physical activity. For women aged 18 to 30 years the general formula was obtained - (m. Body x 0.0621 + 2.0357) x 240 x coefficient of activity. If the coefficient of physical activity is low, multiply by 1.1; If moderate, then by 1.3; If high, then by 1.5.
With the help of these formulas, I easily found the right amount of calories, so I allowed myself a little bit of everything. Proper nutrition, exercise and adherence to the regime not only restored my health, but also corrected my figure.
Now with the growth of 172 centimeters and weight of 49 kilograms, I have not only a sports body, but also very model parameters (86x58x82).
I learned with bitter experience that there is absolutely no benefit from model diets and round-the-clock starvation. It is much better and more useful to start eating right and doing sports. A healthy lifestyle will not only save you from extra pounds, but will also strengthen your health, and also make your body fit and sexy. In addition, guys like sports girls, this is also a plus.

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