The story of the correct weight loss

The question of how to lose weight, every woman asked. And here it does not matter, how many extra kilograms it really is. Lose weight and women with the 50th size, and those who dress peacefully can in the store for teenagers.
I am no different from this majority dissatisfied with my appearance. My story about correct weight loss, a description of the method, diet and good result for 10 days to lose 5 kg, as well as how to save the result. Thinking about the method of losing weight was almost immediately, as the figure on the scales crawled to 60 kg.
More precisely, I thought long before this terrible for a girl who does not have model growth, weight. But there was no power to do anything. But, as soon as she decided to put on last year's summer things and realized that she had to change the entire wardrobe, she set to work.
I rummaged through the Internet in search of a simple diet, grabbed everything, lost weight, threw a diet, recaptured the weight dropped, plus a couple of kilograms more and took up the business with renewed strength.
I became irritable and obsessed with just one idea - to become like what I was when I was eighteen. My brain refused to understand that it was impossible to turn back the clock, and I did not need a girl in 25 to be bony, with protruding knees and breasts of the first size.
My conclusions
First you need to understand one simple thing - weight loss can not be one-time. If you want to look like a girl from the cover of a women's magazine, then a diet and refusal of everything tasty should become a way of life. There are no indulgences, exceptions, weekends and holidays. In this case, cakes, sweets and roast chicken begin to dream of nightmares. You wake up from the fact that you choke on saliva.
To live a normal life, allow yourself food weaknesses and do not spend all your free time in the gym, you need to open your eyes and really look at things - how much really superfluous there is in the figure and how much strength to fight them.
In order to experience and understand myself - this method does not suit me categorically, it took me six months.
My method of losing weight, the result for 10 days at 5 kg
If you need to prepare drastically for the beach season, for example, then I sit down for 10 days of the next diet, the regularity of which is that each product is eaten two hours after the previous one.
When you wake up in the morning, you need tea. Not sweet.
Two hours later, at nine in the morning, eat one egg.
In 11 days - an apple.
At one o'clock in the afternoon drink 100 ml of juice.
At three o'clock in the afternoon to eat 100 gr. Unsalted meat.
In the evening, at five o'clock, again one egg.
At seven in the evening - an apple.
And at nine pm drink 1% kefir 200 g.
During this time my body drops about 5 kilograms. But here everything is purely individual. I drop as much as I really need. At somebody this figure can vary much more.
And then it's important not to break
Introduce the products gradually, until the last delay in the pleasure of eating a grilled chicken or a custard cake. Sooner or later I eat both, as I already know that absolutely without these pleasures my life seems incomplete.
One important thing is BUT - there is everything forbidden for those who want to lose weight (only a mid-day list of the high-calorie foods each woman knows by heart). This should become a way of life. After three o'clock in the afternoon only vegetable, fruit salads, tea without sugar, boiled meat. But once or twice a week (not more often!) You can afford and much more - to sit with friends in a bar, cafe, restaurant; Dine with fried potatoes and eat a cake for the night, drinking it with sweet juice.
Save weight loss result
   The figure comes back to normal. The norms are different for everyone, so do not expect to see a thin hood with ribs sticking out in the mirror. But it will definitely be a beautiful woman with a thin waist, rounded hips, full breasts and, most importantly, fresh complexion, healthy hair and shine in her eyes.

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