How a man can lose 80 kg

Six months ago I weighed 168 kg, with a height of 169 cm. Man, I'm only 43 years old. So now my weight is 85 - 87 kg. Depending on the day of the week and not more.
Half a year ago I had a whole bunch of diseases. The most important diabetes mellitus and nerves. It was not morning that I did not have any pain. Next, I will describe in detail my history of losing weight, how to lose 80 kg, to some of the men she can also help.
Somehow in our city there was an exhibition of a firm called ... honestly and I do not remember how. The fact is that I accidentally got to this exhibition. I walked around the halls and in one stopped because I was interested in the booth where there were biological supplements and so on.
After asking representatives about these supplements, I stepped aside and it turned out that a woman approached me and began to question me about my health, about the diseases ... Then I took out my notebook from my bag and began to write me a recipe and at the same time tell.
The recipe is simple: You need to buy in the market dark flax seeds (a half liter jar), at home these seeds should be ground in a coffee grinder to the state of flour. And then take it this way - the first week of application: in the morning in 200 grams of kefir, add a teaspoon of flax seed flour, blanch and drink on an empty stomach.
The second week: the same only flour flax seeds two teaspoons. The third week is the same, only three teaspoons of flour from flax seeds. Then two weeks break and you can repeat the course.
I did a little differently. I poured into the kefir not a teaspoon and a dining room. Feeling after you drink kefir with flour is as if you ate and at least until lunch there is no desire at all.
The main feature of this recipe is that for a day you need to drink at least 2.5 liters of water. Not tea or compote and so on and simple tap water cleaned naturally, any filter will do.
At this time, the flax seed meal will clean your intestines from the feces. And water is needed for washing the intestines. If you drink less then there may be a place of this constipation.
The effect after application comes only after two weeks. There is lightness. Yes, and the state of health is improving .. Thus, you can easily get rid of a large belly without a diet.
After two courses, I mailed myself another weight loss remedy. These are herbal preparations. In the box are two jars. In jars of 30 herbal compressed tablets. Morning gathering and evening.
Fees are just for us lazy ... In the morning you throw a tablet in a mug with boiling water. After five minutes, you shake and drink with the thick. All this on an empty stomach.
After half an hour breakfast. In the evening, it does not matter how much, but in half an hour after the last meal. Boxes last for a month, further at your discretion. I drank two courses. And then just sometimes I make myself feel better.
Weight began to decrease after two weeks of taking kefir and flaxseed flour. Immediately not very much. Somewhere two or three kilos a week. Then a little more dropped four or five a week. It's just so much more comfortable to lose weight.
Now my blood sugar is slightly above normal. I walk quietly through the city, not using public transport. In these recipes the main simple water intake is at least 2.5 liters a day.
Previously, my legs were swelling all the time, now the water circulation in my body is restored to the natural level. And most importantly it's your desire to lose weight. I had no other choice.

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