History of weight loss at 7 kg for 10 days

In this article, I really want to tell my own story of losing weight, in which I will describe how I dropped an extra 7 kg in just 10 days.
It all started with the fact that one day, I began to realize that I gained a lot in weight. All my things became somehow unimportant on me, my face was rounded.

Naturally, not to notice it was very difficult. And then I realized that with this you need to do something. I will say right away that first thing, I underwent a medical examination and made sure that my weight gain is not connected with health in any way. The reason depended only on my attachments to food.

And so, I searched the Internet to find some advice, read reviews, how people lose weight and in the end, the technique itself found me.

So, what did I do to lose weight, and significantly, you ask.

The first thing that I decided from the beginning that I will starve, but already literally on the second day, there was a breakdown. From this, I realized that not all at once and you need to do this gradually. I set a goal, at whatever cost, to lose weight.

And she did everything to make her come true. And one day, waking up, I made a decision that completely turned my life around. I refused all that food that was "food rubbish".

Absolutely every morning, before eating, I drank two glasses of boiled water. It, in turn, will improve metabolism. Then, after 20 minutes, she had breakfast cereals. To the same did not bother, it is enough to alternate them, which I did.

At lunch I tried to eat not too fatty food. I want to note that from bread and sugar, I refused completely. And one more important condition for myself was not to eat after 6 pm.

It's hard to believe, but gradually the belly began to disappear, which hung so ugly. Having accustomed the organism to the submitted mode, I gradually reduced the consumption of food.

Thanks to this, I managed to stay on the medical diet for exactly 10 days. During this time, I dropped about 7 kilograms.

This diet is quite complicated, because there every day, you need to drink only liquids, alternating: water, milk, green tea and so on.

In a month, I sat on such a diet for exactly ten days and plus observing all of the above methods. And I'll tell you for sure that the result did not keep me waiting long.

In addition to the fact that I significantly lost weight, so also improved the skin of the face, as well as the state of the body as a whole.

I want to say that overweight is not a sentence, and no matter how much the scales are shown, when you get up on them, everything is fixable. Success depends only on ourselves.

Therefore, it is necessary now to make every effort to get rid of excess weight. After all, as is known, most complete people, sooner or later, begin to have problems with joints and heart, as these are two very important organs that start to work more intensively with increasing body weight.

Therefore, take care of your own organism. And remember that the main problem lies in our subconscious. If you adjust yourself in the right direction, the problems associated with losing weight will pass by themselves.

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