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Sunday, 03 April 2016 22:00

A few days ago was in Hong Kong and on the way back stopped at Shenzhen, which is China's largest city located on the border with Hong Kong, where on the street of Huaqiao is located the largest in China's electronics market, where the products offered by representatives of numerous Chinese factories. This I regularly attend the last ten years this market, so I have an idea of ​​the various trends of China's electronics and general commodity strategy of China. In this article decided not to put some photos and arrange the photos in a slide show in the video attached to the article, the electronics market begins with the intersection of the streets Huaqiao and Shannon, where is located the 72-storey skyscraper SEG Plaza (photo №1), further to the right and to the left on Huaqiao street are located full of multi-storey shopping center, where sell the most diverse electronics and components (photos №2 and №3), details on prices and the composition of the goods write now I will not, though in recent years can be traced an interesting trend of where you can write a separate article, I will focus on other, more important point, which has not been seen three months ago, when I was there too: №1 feature of these days most popular goods have become drones and feature №2 - previously unheard the number of young people purely Arab appearance, that greatly interested the various features of these devices. If three months ago among the market visitors you could see the typical Arab-owners of various businesses in the electronics- often were elderly pot-bellied men, whom it was possible to meet not so often that the observed recent years, but now there is much more number of sports bearded muslims age of 25-30 years, many purely Wahhabi - with a long beard with mustache shaved, which have repeatedly been spotted near a set of points, which sold quadrocopter drones and other, this time sold drones and inside shopping malls and right on the street (photos №4-5-6-7-8). The fact that quadrocopters outside Huaqiao sold much cheaper than in many other places, such as the world famous quadrocopters DJI Phantom models are even 20-30% cheaper than the official website, and all for $ 50 might buy quadrocopter unknown company that can deliver a pound-kilogram of various substances at a distance of a kilometer, it could be anything, such as the weight of F-1 grenades just 600 grams. That is, a maximum of 50 thoUSAnd dollars (and you can bargain and get a cheaper) will need some group of Syrian opposition, for example, or a group of what some of the Mujahideen in Europe to buy a thoUSAnd such quadrocopters and is likely to attack any object. At the same time guard against such a swarm of drones will almost nerealno complexes Patriot, the Russian S-300 and S-400 do not intercept these small, almost plastic targets on such a small distance, and if this is not a thoUSAnd, and 10 thoUSAnd of these drones? But that's not all-all for $ 100 on the streets Huaqiao can buy the layout of the Russian MiG-29 (photo №8), which is even painted in the colors of the Russian flag, and which can deliver this ranatu F-1 at a distance of 4 kilometers at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, while it will also be virtually invisible on radar screens, it is very easy to maneuver, easy on him doing even aerobatics (see. video after the photo, where I filmed the flight of UAV). Of course, many people are interested in question, but what does this have to the markets and the economy? In my opinion- most directly, because such cheap access to such technologies will allow a small group of individuals to organize and conduct an unprecedented act, which was even a decade ago only available to States for the big money, but now one can guarantee that any group of persons not drone attacks thoUSAnds meeting of world leaders or representatives of the OPEC meeting, or oil and gas pipelines? Or maybe someone will buy thoUSAnds of these drones will bring in each GPS coordinates oil rigs and will release them to a certain country, with the largest volume of production, then it will be worth how much a barrel of oil? It can be seen not only 200 and 500 and the barrel. This is not fantasy, it is- reality, minimum price of 50 thoUSAnd dollars at current prices Huaqiao streets. That is, in my opinion, such a low price and availability of almost military technology for anyone, it says that we have entered a new era eru- complete unpredictability. At the same time outside Huaqiao sold and other devices that can make the action of the group is inadequate invisible and unexpected, such as $ 10 you can buy a device the size of two matchboxes, which would eliminate the entire mobile communications within a radius of 5 meters, which helps me a lot when I had to help others stop to talk on the phone, and for the sum of 10 times more mobile phones disappear from a city block. That is to say, small and organized group now can have the same opportunities that were not the KGB and the CIA about thirty years ago, today there sputtering power centers, if earlier the stock and commodity markets can work for a long time with stable rules, established by the agreement of the States centers of power, is a large state - did not start the war and uncertainty in the markets began, now very powerful uncertainty can make a very small group and for little money, and if the price in China on such technologies will fall further, even schoolchildren can do for little money so that they will move billions dollars- that is almost self-fulfilling prophecy of Ray Bradbury, figuratively speaking, when the flapping wings of a butterfly can cause a hurricane. Thus, it is extremely difficult to become to make any financial predictions in the near future, stop working,many market strategies - one group can attack drones nuclear power plant in the industrial areas and the price of oil drops to zero, then another attack oil rigs or pipelines and the price will soar to many hundreds of dollars, while the ruble and the dollar and other currencies can make the most incredible fluctuations in the most unexpected way, it will be a paradise for speculators, but also the source of the largest in the history of instability. Government may prohibit the stock and foreign exchange market because of this, a strict control of capital movements will be introduced in the banks can enter the trade embargo against China and to transfer all the important production in their country, to only State to have access to such technologies, as China is now virtually working towards reducing the cost of unprecedented almost military technology, which is not necessary to the world's leading countries.



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