Magical diet for a month

Such a diet is not due to its supernatural origin, but to the magical effect that is noticeable in the figure of the slimming one. Adhering to this program for a month, you can easily lose 7-15 kg. The essence of the technique is reduced to a strong restriction of caloric content of food, which allows you to quickly lose fatty ballast. There are 2 variants of such dietary food, which differ in the number of meals and the food that must be eaten during the day.

Option 1

At the heart of the diet are chicken eggs, which are much larger here than in the Maggi diet. Therefore, only those who do not have digestive problems should adhere to this technique. The menu is made for a week, it needs to be repeated 4 times. The daily calorie content of food is about 500-600 calories, so weight loss will necessarily be accompanied by weakness and other unpleasant symptoms.

Menu for the week:

Day 1-kefir without sugar, 2 eggs and a piece of cheese, 150-200 grams of vegetable salad.

2nd - coffee, egg and apple, egg.

3rd - unsweetened tea, 100 g cottage cheese, 150-200 grams of salad.

4th - coffee, egg and prunes, egg.

5th - tea, 150 g of cabbage or carrot salad, egg.

6th - coffee, 2 apples or orange, kefir.

7th - coffee, apple or orange with a piece of cheese, 2 eggs.

The diet is quite effective, but not everyone can withstand it. Therefore, if you are not sure of your abilities, it is better to choose a second, softer version of the "Magic" diet.

Option 2

This diet for a month provides five meals a day with a second breakfast and a snack. For each week, offered their own menu, which must be followed religiously.

Week 1

For breakfast - a piece of bread with tea, for a second breakfast - a glass of kefir, a piece of dried white bread, radish.
We have dinner with a cucumber cut from a plant. Butter, baked potatoes and boiled fish. For a mid-morning snack we eat 1 fruit or drink a glass of fresh juice.
We dine with a glass of milk with 2 slices of dried bread.
Week 2

In the morning we eat black bread with honey and drink tea with milk, a little later - 2 tomatoes and a slice of black bread.
In the afternoon we cook boiled fish, borsch with eggs, 2 pcs. Baked potatoes and cucumber. For a mid-morning drink kefir with breadcrumbs.
In the evening we drink tea, eat cheese and radish.
Week 3

We drink milk with honey, we bite croutons. After 2 hours - we drink tea with a sandwich with ham and tomatoes.
For portions of broth and rice, stewed mushrooms and baked apple. After 3 hours - a fruit.
For the evening we cook boiled meat, apples and tea.
Week 4

Bread with butter and milk. A little later - 2 eggs and an apple.
Meat broth, beans, apple. On a snack - coffee with crackers.
In the evening - a radish and a sandwich with chicken liver pate.
Such food is much more democratic and allows you to lose up to 10 kg of excess weight.

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