Diet "5 tablespoons"

Almost all dieticians in unison say: it's not what you eat, but how much. Therefore, the first step towards losing weight is to reduce your usual portion by 20.30 and even 50%. the main problem

People with excess weight - overly stretched stomach, which requires more and more food. The "5 tablespoons" diet will help get rid of this scourge, normalize metabolic processes

And reduce the number of calories consumed per day. Go to a similar diet is not easy, so it is recommended to pre-prepare the body: a week or two before the start of the marathon

Gradually reduce its portion to 7-8 tablespoons. Only then it will be possible to switch to another diet and reduce the amount of food to 5 tablespoons. So in 30 days

You can lose up to 10-15 kg - depending on the initial weight.


The composition of food can not be changed - the main thing is to reduce its quantity.
Since weight loss is often accompanied by constipation, it is recommended to eat 2 tablespoons daily. L. Fiber - it will adjust peristalsis.
If the product can not be measured with spoons, then its quantity should not be more than 150 g.
Under the ban fall sweets and carbonated drinks - carriers of bare calories without the necessary elements.
You need to eat 5 times a day. The minimum interval between meals is 3 hours.
It is important to drink water correctly - between meals.
Do not lean on high-calorie food.

Choose what exactly you will eat for every meal, you can yourself. But try to ensure that the diet was varied and balanced. Following the rules of the diet, each product

We eat no more than 5 tablespoons, unless otherwise specified.

Breakfast options:

Porridge on the water - buckwheat, rice, wheat.
A glass of yogurt with buckwheat.
Oatmeal with dried fruits.
Omelette with herbs.
Second breakfast:

Vegetables or fruit.
Cottage cheese with raisins.
The biscuits.
Banana or orange.

Vegetable assortment - stewed, baked, boiled.
Chicken breast with herbs.
100 grams of fish and 50 grams of vegetables.
Piece of meat.
Macaroni with shrimps.

Vegetable assortment, flavored with lemon juice or yoghurt.
Stewed vegetables or grilled.
Hard cheese with grated carrots.
Veal with vegetable sliced.
Boiled squid.
If very hungry, then before going to bed it is permissible to drink a glass of low-fat kefir or fruit fresh. If desired, the duration of the diet can be increased. Many adhere to its 2-3

Months, continuing to lose weight. But over time, the intensity of weight loss decreases.

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