Low carbohydrate diet for a month

Most dieticians in unison say that the main source of obesity is high-carbohydrate food. People with pleasure consume all kinds of pastries, sweets, confectionery, which in the most pernicious way affects their figure. Low carbohydrate diet means a complete review of your diet and refusal to eat high in fast carbohydrates. Traditionally, the ban includes flour products, pasta, potatoes, sweet fruit. It is necessary to limit the amount of fatty dairy products in your diet.

Food with "long" carbohydrates is allowed, but it should be consumed in limited quantities, focusing on the table of the content of saccharides in food - they should be no more than 100-150 g daily. It is impossible to completely exclude carbohydrates, since they are vital for the body. Especially saccharides are needed for mental activity. Therefore, in the diet must necessarily be products with polisahardiami. Since the diet contains a lot of protein foods, it is necessary to supplement the proper nutrition with physical exercises.

Menu for the week

The proposed diet should be repeated within a month. If desired, this principle of nutrition can be extended for another 2-3 weeks to improve or consolidate the result.

The first day:

Portion of cottage cheese with fruit, tea or coffee.
A piece of beef, a vegetable sliced, a slice of bread.
Unsweet fruit.
Vegetarian pilaf.

Omelette with lean ham, a piece of chicken fillet. Tea or coffee.
A piece of beef, a vegetable mix.
A glass of milk or kefir.
Mushroom soup.
The third:

A piece of cheese, fruit.
Chicken with stewed cabbage.
Apple or 200 grams of natural yogurt.
Soup with chicken broth.

Oatmeal with pieces of fruit.
Chicken, braised with vegetables.
Buckwheat grain.

2 eggs, a piece of low-fat cheese.
A portion of lean meat, vegetable sliced.
200 ml of 1% kefir.
Vegetable stew.

Natural yogurt without additives, 2 eggs "in a bag".
Vegetable soup, vegetable salad.
Rice and portion of steam fishes.

Buckwheat porridge with milk.
Vegetable casserole with fish.
200 ml of yogurt.
Vegetable stew.
Do not forget about the drinking regime - every meal ends with a glass of tea or water, and we also drink a glass of liquid in the intervals between meals.

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